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APEX is the only software specifically designed for the pipeline industry that provides integrated cost and schedule estimating functions.

Developed over 10 years in the field, APEX – Advanced Pipeline Estimating and eXecution Planning is the preferred choice for project controls professionals that value high performance.

Now, instead of duplicating your time and effort across multiple solutions, you can use one top performing tool to deliver comprehensive, accurate and reliable pipeline estimates throughout the project life cycle.

The result?

Double the output in roughly half the time.

Now that’s high performance!

APEX, because you need to know fast.

Reduce or eliminate the risks, mistakes, wasted resources, project delays and the unexpected consequences of guesswork.

Create feasibility studies based on robust data models and make data driven decisions that improve project outcomes.

Arrive at your estimate with total confidence and without compromising speed using powerful data analysis functions for every possible situation.

APEX – Advanced Pipeline Estimating and eXecution Planning Software facilitates analysis through both the Deterministic Process – ‘What If’ and the Stochastic Process or Monte Carlo Simulation. With only a few mouse clicks APEX will provide details on the consequences of each choice.

Even more impressive is the ability to understand the cost and schedule prior to construction using integrated estimate and analysis tools.

Simply change one or more input variables, run the analysis and review the cost and schedule impact.

  • Easily modify the estimate to obtain updated cost, schedule or resource information.
  • Perform key variable sensitivity studies to understand cost and schedule impacts.
  • Develop accurate expectations for project cost, schedule and risk factors.
  • Prepare accurate estimates, best and worst-case scenarios, detailed cost datasets, project baselines.

Now that’s lightning fast responsivity!

APEX, because you need uncompromising accuracy.

Pipeline projects are unique, often complex, and even the most diligent engineers and talented teams are subject to the kind of calculation errors and data integrity issues that can put your project objectives at risk.

Duplicated work, multiple versions of the same data, human input error, inconsistent application of formulas, estimates stored in different files and folders, access and editing problems and overwritten data are all common occurrences in pipeline estimating and scheduling.

Bypass these inefficiencies and unwanted common costs. 

With APEX, all the data are stored in a SQL server database and the same time-tested, robust algorithms are applied. That means repeatable, reliable, accurate and transparent estimates.

Now that’s precision!

APEX, because you need protected project data.

Project estimates and schedules often experience data integrity issues that can compromise and stall the project unnecessarily.

Proactively manage your project data to protect against stalls.

It’s what your project deserves.

Accessible data:

No more lost, hidden or inaccessible files.

Your project is free from the “Fred is gone for the weekend” trap so many projects fall into.

Instead, the entire team and various stakeholders can access the project from one place. 

Reliable data:

Provides the peace of mind data integrity and security one accurate version of the file provides.

Produce repeatable calculations and data that come from a consistent application of proven logic, no matter what team member is working on the estimate.

Protected data:

Benefit from world class SQL Server security standards, encryption, and backups.

Your data is secured against unauthorized access, system outages and other modern-day threats.

No more multiple workbooks with unknown security precautions.

Auditable data:

Understand who is doing what, when and where.

Reduce the reliance on individual experience, facilitate knowledge transfer and better cope with senior staff retirement.

Easily review team progress and estimate development every step of the way.

APEX.  This is going to change everything.

APEX – Advanced Pipeline Estimating and eXecution Planning software uses a proprietary, robust and predictable methodology designed and implemented over 10 years in the field, to produce more accurate, less costly and faster pipeline construction cost and schedule estimates for planners, project owners and engineers alike.

Expedite estimates and increase accuracy with preloaded templates and fields.

Apex Pipeline estimating and scheduling software

APEX helps automate the estimating and scheduling process with a wide selection of example cases and pre-populated fields and templates drawn from over a decade of development. 

  • Senior engineers can now spend more time developing the estimate or schedule, instead of developing calculations and algorithms from scratch.
  • Reusing already optimized project templates and post mortem analysis to compare estimated vs. actual performance enable estimates to improve iteratively.
  • Junior team members can add more value, as the systemized approach of APEX helps guide and assist with the training process.
  • The result?

APEX saves time, increases accuracy, provides additional data insights and allows junior team members to add value sooner rather than later.


Support the entire project team with a tool that works the way the project does.

APEX pipeline estimating and scheduling software

APEX allows each individual to access and export the data they need for their specific application, easily.

  • System engineers have the flexibility to create the project using the application interface or through simple Excel import, and all output goes into Excel for maximum flexibility.
  • Data is organized, consolidated and coded to support all team members. All cost items are assigned a cost element and currency and optionally WBS and COA codes that can be mapped to cost management and financial systems.
  • Preloaded example estimates support multiple resource databases; labour/equipment rates and material unit costs.
  • Save time replicating and reproducing work for each software. APEX easily integrates with your systems through modern software architecture and customized output.

Using APEX data, you can create a robust Time Location schedule in TILOS in just minutes.

Accurately assess project risk and feasibility against business objectives.

APEX pipeline estimating and scheduling software

APEX facilitates comprehensive data analysis through deterministic ‘What If’ analysis and probabilistic Monte Carlo simulation that provides critical insights to the estimate.

  • APEX provides the ability to understand the basics of cost and schedule with minimal input using corporate benchmarks to quickly create screening estimates.
  • The APEX estimate model is the basis to accurately understand execution risk and related cost and schedule impacts by simulating best and worst-case scenarios, variability of production rates, unexpected work stoppages, potential cost escalation, resource fluctuations and any risk register items.
  • The result?

Understand the project’s feasibility, risk profile and an accurate expectation of project estimate and schedule, quickly.

Robust analysis provides a clear path forward.

APEX pipeline estimating and scheduling software

Assign operation specific production profiles and identify and solve for clashes along ROW, before the project starts.

  • Operation production rate profiles are used to model the expected construction execution challenges on the ROW using time and/or location-based factors.
  • Material quantity calculators to determine cut-fill, ditch and select backfill volumes assist in estimate preparation.
  • Model ‘Move Arounds’ such as river crossings and impassable sections on the Right of Way (ROW).
  • Analyze different base camp locations to minimize travel time and maximize the work hours on the ROW.
  • Model the hauling and string of pipe along the ROW to optimize stockpile sites and determine the number of trucks required.

Calculate estimate present value and compare the costs of different execution plans.

Understand construction trends and impacts on cost and schedule.

APEX pipeline estimating and scheduling software

APEX provides robust details on project progress and its impact on business objectives. Data and analysis is available in both a Micro and Macro data view.

  • Comprehensive fully trackable system data auditing can be used to develop check estimates, conduct due diligence and resolve contractor disputes.
  • Quickly calculate the cost and schedule impacts of project delays and quantify the consequences of spread work stoppages during construction execution. 
  • Understand execution progress using cost and schedule variance analysis. Know what’s been done, where it’s been done, performance to date and the trends.
  • Review cash flow (estimate, spread and/or operation), and view total or cumulative costs by cost element.

APEX allows you to easily compare progress against the baseline estimate.

Communicate progress to stakeholders easily, accurately and visually.

APEX pipeline estimating and scheduling software

Generate accurate, detailed reports on project progress using powerful analytics and reporting features.

  • Understand and communicate project progress and the impact of unforeseen changes to cost and schedule.
  • Answer critical questions about the project confidently with answers supported by data.
  • Easily produce dashboard graphics to communicate. Remember the idiom, a picture is worth a thousand words.
  • Maintain your project budget and cash flow during construction execution.
  • Understand progress details and make better decisions. 
  • Conduct thorough project post mortem to compare the baseline to actual performance and create benchmarks to iteratively improve estimates and schedules going forward.

APEX allows you to effectively communicate progress to all project stakeholders.

“APEX was used to develop two detailed budget estimates that formed the cost/schedule basis for our pipeline project. We chose the software because of its strong reputation for excellence and in part because system and estimating support was available. Definitely satisfied with the results.”

Kevin George, P.Eng.Project Manager IPL

“APEX has evolved over many years into one of the most capable pipeline estimating products available. Detailed crew sheet and schedule development including equipment, labour, subcontracts and miscellaneous costs by crew allow for advanced data analysis throughout the project lifecycle. Pipestone Projects has worked with Bob and his team on multiple projects through the development of the software and highly recommend this pipeline estimating system.”

Dave Hermanson, President,Pipestone Projects Inc

“APEX was used to update key spreads on a nearly 1000 km pipeline project. The product has been developed specifically for pipeline construction execution modelling of cost and schedule. The professional support provided, the resource loading, scheduling and other analysis capabilities along with consistency of output were key factors in choosing the software.”

John Macleod, P.Eng. TMEP

APEX is the world’s premiere high performance advanced pipeline estimating and execution planning software.

System was developed over more than a decade with input from experienced pipeline construction professionals, senior project controls personnel, project management engineers and risk analysis experts working on major pipeline projects.

Experience showed that struggles with data integrity and multiple, overlapping and incomprehensible Excel workbooks was the common internal process for many owner, engineering and construction companies involved with pipeline planning and construction.

The result was data integrity and accuracy issues, missed opportunities for both schedule optimization and iterative improvement of budgets and estimates, inefficient processes and unnecessarily expensive and reactive project management.

APEX increases the performance, precision and responsivity of professionals working on pipeline projects.

APEX – Advanced Pipeline Estimating and eXecution Planning software has been shown to:

    • Reduce workload and time spent creating estimates and schedules by up to half the time and effort for double the usable data.
    • Allow users to iteratively add to the body of knowledge through the process of estimating and scheduling, increasing team efficiency. 
    • Increase confidence and accuracy in project estimates, costing, scheduling, resource loading and cash flow.
    • Eliminate or dramatically reduce data loss through migration from one solution to the next.
    • Reduces licensing fees and associated paperwork, overhead, administration.

Experience truly high performance pipeline project software.

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