APEX Product Videos:

APEX Product Video One: Overview & Intro.

In this product video we cover an overview of the functions of the software:
1.  APEX is a specialized and comprehensive tool for estimating and analyzing pipeline construction costs.
2.  APEX is a multi user system that is flexible, secure, robust & auditable.
3.  APEX provides a consistent and repeatable calculation model
4. APEX stores all estimate cost data in the SQL Server Database
5. The user friendly interface with comprehensive analytical capabilities – “What-If Analysis, Monte Carlo Simulation and Variance Analysis
6. Powerful analytical and reporting capabilities
7. How Estimates are calculated automatically when costs & schedules change

APEX Product Video Two: Estimating & Analyzing Pipeline Construction Costs

In this product video we cover:
1. How Apex can reduce or eliminate typical data integrity issues.
2. How APEX integrated cost & scheduling functions can reduce time spent developing estimates.
3. How easy it is to import & export data between APEX & Excel.
4. How to leverage the functionality in APEX to support the project what-if scenario analysis, variance analysis and risk assessment processes.
5. How to product a preliminary schedule (Gantt or March Chart) that reflects the estimate information and can be used for assessing the feasibility of the estimate parameters.
6. Why APEX, the only pipeline-specific estimating tool, is unique and has been used on major pipeline projects over the past decade.

About APEX Software:

APEX is the only software specifically designed for the pipeline industry that provides integrated cost and schedule estimating functions.

Developed over 10 years in the field, APEX – Advanced Pipeline Estimating and eXecution Planning is the preferred choice for project controls professionals that value high performance.

Now, instead of duplicating your time and effort across multiple solutions, you can use one top performing tool to deliver comprehensive, accurate and reliable pipeline estimates throughout the project life cycle.

The result?

Double the output in roughly half the time.

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