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A Big Shout Out To TILOS in Vegas!

A Big Shout Out To TILOS in Vegas!

Petroglyph Project Analytics has just returned from a very successful Trimble Boot Camp and Dimensions 2016 Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.

At the Boot Camp, the Trimble partners, SITECH dealers, and staff were trained on the elements of the Trimble Construction Continuum, of which TILOS is a significant part for the planning and scheduling components.

To demonstrate the Trimble hardware that interfaces with the software elements, we headed out to the desert where a mock construction site was set up to provide hands-on training and practical understanding of the equipment at work.

At the Trimble Dimensions 2016 conference, customers and industry people were able to attend training sessions on TILOS and other interesting discussion topics and software tools.


The Trimble Civil Construction Continuum in the slide below, provides a visual representation of how TILOS fits into the full offering along the Continuum.


Information about the integration and interfaces between TILOS and the other elements in the Continuum will be detailed in the next newsletter. To view other news items and to know more about TILOS and Petroglyph Project Analytics, please visit us at https://www.petroglyph.ca/.