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We are pleased to announce that effective April 11, Dean Rosychuk will lead our Tech Support and can be contacted directly at dean.rosychuk@petroglyph.ca or by calling +1(587)597-2673.

Dean leads the development of training material and is also our Senior TILOS Facilitator.

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Your engineering or project controls peers have raved to you about TILOS but you haven’t yet tried it.

You’re busy enough with the system’s you’re already using; P6, MS Project and / or Excel sheets.

But there’s a part of you that’s curious.

  • Could TILOS really make your job easier?
  • Is it really that helpful for managing linear projects?
  • Are you missing out by not knowing what your peers know?

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APEX – Advanced Pipeline Estimating and eXecution Planning software has been shown to:

Reduce workload and time spent creating estimates and schedules by up to half the time and effort for double the usable data
Allow users to iteratively add to the body of knowledge through the process of estimating and scheduling, increasing team efficiency
Increase confidence and accuracy in project estimates, costing, scheduling, resource loading and cash flow.
Eliminate or dramatically reduce data loss through migration from one solution to the next.
Reduces licensing fees and associated paperwork, overhead, administration
APEX is being released to the public for the first time in Fall/Winter 2019.

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