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ISETIA named Top 10 Most Advanced Document Management Solution Providers of 2020

The ISETIA platform helps to automate consistent and repeatable processes to increase efficiency, improve visibility, and better utilize resources, resulting in improvement of productivity, reduction in operational costs, and mitigation of risk.

ISETIA document management meets an accelerated need for digitalization

According to the Mirror Review, who named ISETA one of the Top 10 Most Advanced Document Management Solution Providers of 2020:

“COVID-19 has forced industries to work from remote locations which raised challenges to the majority of companies. Strategically, remote working has always been a part of the businesses but the intent was absent. The outbreak of COVID-19 drastically accelerated the time frame of remote working, which gave ISETIA lots of development opportunities.”

ISETIA delivers not just single improvement but complete digital transformation and is not just an individual system but ecosystem,” asserts ISETIA Co-founder and CEO Iwona Bogucka.

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