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The relentless demand on driving successful project outcomes doesn’t leave a lot of room for competing priorities.

You are busy managing priorities. Knowing that some aspects can be made easier is where our continuing care comes in.

Our initial mandate is to support you to achieve ideal project outcomes, and then to help you sustain the momentum by supporting your business outcomes long-term.

That’s why we provide continuing care services long after project completion.

It’s just another way we support your organization.

Continuing care services encompasses:

  • Providing notification of the latest software version updates available for download
  • Sending links to white papers and FAQs
  • Supporting the technical requests from your project team
  • Notifying you of license maintenance expiry information
  • Enabling access to the user community forum to engage with other users
  • Tracking the training that has been conducted for your team.

Continuing care services give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you don’t need to keep records of your team members PDU credits or your software licences.

You’ll never have to scramble to book a last minute training session or push through a non standard request for resources to upgrade your software solutions to the most up to date version.

At Petroglyph Projects USA, we’ll handle those record keeping and notifications on your behalf.

This means you can rest easy knowing we’ve got accurate records of each project team member’s training record, including PDUs.

We’ll proactively notify you when it’s time to  update your software services with the latest versions, or book a training session to keep your team up to date on required learning initiatives to stay current and efficient.

You can also rely on us to inform you of relevant industry or technological developments that will give your organization the competitive edge.

With our continuing care services, together we ensure the systems, people and tools that are foundational to successful project and business outcomes are supported and poised for success.

While you’re taking care of business, we’ll be there to support your team.

Ask Us What We’ve Done For:

“To anyone doing any kind of location based project, the tool and the team at Petroglyph is a must have.”

L. Davis Lead Planner, Pipeline Owner Company

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