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Deltek Acumen

Powering Project Success through improved schedule quality, risk assessment, mitigation and schedule optimization.

The Acumen framework is designed to provide a structured and repeatable approach to developing sound and realistic project plans.

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Overview of how Deltek Acumen can help your project

Using the Deltek Acumen Suite is a very straight forward process. Here is how it works:

Acumen Fuse

Advanced schedule analytics provide insight for improving plans and execution, giving you a competitive edge in the market.

Acumen Risk

Effectively account for risk events  and proactively reduce risk exposure  for an accurate, reliable forecast.

Acumen 360

Generate reliable schedule scenarios in real-time to identify acceleration opportunities and select the optimal schedule for an earlier project completion.

Acumen Touchstone

Automate your schedule submission process while adhering to company metrics, best practises and quality standards.

Deltek Acumen Case Studies

See how others have used the Acumen solutions to drive project efficiency and reduce cost.

Delivering successful projects starts with sound scheduling

Effective scheduling provides a critical foundation for project success. What steps are you or your team taking to ensure sound scheduling is the keystone of your business practices? Download this white paper to discover:

  • Issues that can arise from poor scheduling
  • The benefits of utilizing scheduling solutions
  • Use cases for scheduling software across various roles


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