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How this real estate developer uses ISETIA to improve project execution.

EGE Grup is a commercial & residential real estate developer in Turkey. Their completed projects total tens of thousands of square feet of commercial, residential and mixed-use space. Their top tier commercial clients include Porche and Volvo. EGE Grup has been using ISETIA for the last five years to help execute their complex construction projects.

“We have to be able to multi-task, being both the investor and the developer. Construction projects require a lot of administration such as building permits, designs, utility diversions, environmental protection permissions, material selections, tenant negotiations, contract management with utility and services providers, etc.

There are not many solutions that provide and support Feasibilty-Design-Plan-Control-Operate and Maintenance in the same platform like ISETIA does.

In the past we’ve tried a lot of different ways of maintaining tasks from different fields. Now ISETIA assists us throughout this whole process. We are extremely happy and satisfied by the complexity of the product and at the same time, the simplicity of the product’s usage.”

Veysi OzcanArchitect and Managing Director

ISETIA helps EGE by providing an all in one, organization-wide solution. 

When your tenants include Porche, Audi and Volkswagon showrooms and service areas, there’s not a lot of room for mistakes.

EGE needed an all in one solution that could support their projects from feasibility through construction and into building maintenance.

The end to end solution needed to support both agile and traditional project management approaches, as well as provide a centralized document repository for digitized project documents.

ISETIA supports EGE’s business objectives with a consistent master program for all to access, from anywhere with an internet connection. From managing tenants moving in and out, to developing new projects, to maintaining existing buildings, there are many teams working concurrently on different areas within the same projects.

EGP needed a platform that would help to streamline workflow, improve efficiencies and ensure effective project management and execution.

ISETIA supports the EGE team by:

  1. reducing the time spent looking for data and information
  2. reducing training time by providing an easy to use interface
  3. increasing visibility into project performance
  4. increasing organizational cost-effectiveness
  5. providing the ability to rapidly adapt to customer demands

We have been using ISETIA for over five years and we’re immensely grateful to see the solution adds value to our firm each year.

Veysi OzcanArchitect and Managing Director

ISETIA’s helped EGE build a 33 floor, 70,000 square meter,  mixed-use building.

ISETIA provides an extensive and flexible range of functions and options, at an affordable price point, all within a tightly secured, cloud-based environment. Organizations like EGE can then choose as many or as few of ISETIA’s modules as they require at any given time.

Some of the most popular modules include: Document Management, 3P Management, Cost Management, Process Management, Risk Management, Issue Management, Lessons Learned, BIM Viewer

“EGE plaza was a complicated and expensive project we needed to complete on a very tight timeline. That’s why we needed the support of technology to protect us from unseen risks. While using ISETIA we were not faced with any unexpected surprises. We had advance notice of any issues well before any serious consequences could occur. We were able to accurately assign our resources and have advanced notice if they were running out of budget or capacity.”

Lut SungurVP Member

By providing one location for digitized documents, project and schedule templates and a repository for lessons learned, ISETIA eliminates the time spent looking for documents and reinventing the wheel with each schedule, budget and project. 

Instead, ISETIA supports each member of the team, ensuring all the information they require is at their fingertips, and consistently applied across the organization.

Each team member has a card that lists current activities, the expected completion dates of tasks, their photo and role in the organization. In this way, all employees and management have clear and transparent access to the information they need to execute each project to the highest standards.

This is just one of the functions of ISETIA that make it easy for organizations to improve project execution through collaboration.

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