Global Leader In Renewable Energy Contracts Petroglyph For Transmission Line Bid Schedule

An international company known for producing a large percentage of the world’s wind power has contracted Petroglyph to work on a bid schedule.

Active in 10 countries with thousands of employees, this client has requested two Petroglyph team members to assist in determining the feasibility of building a successful transmission line in the mountains of the US. 

Over five weeks, the Petroglyph team used Tilos Linear Scheduling Software to correctly assess the linear project and arrive at a realistic understanding of costs and resources required for success. In addition, to the usual complexities of a linear project, adherence to strict environmental requirements provide an additional set of factors to incorporate into the assessment. 

Petroglyph’s linear project expertise helped the client to create and submit a bid for the project, with detailed support for each cost, according to the exact specifications set by the project owner. 

This is just one of the project support services we’ve provided for this client. In the past, Petroglyph has also provided delay analysis and risk assessment sessions. 

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