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Why did the FABE GRUP choose ISETIA Project Collaboration and Execution Software?

The Fabe Grup designs, supplies and completes heavy construction, public works projects like roads, bridges and tunnels.  Fabe is currently operating in 5 countries: Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Kazakhstan and Turkey.

FABE GRUP currently has projects in:






ISETIA provides Fabe Grup with one place to store all project assets.

With multiple overlapping projects across five different countries, often project data would be stored in such a way that  it was not accessible by the parties that needed access, when they needed it.

Out of office, on site visits or assets that hadn’t been digitized were causing project delays, and there wasn’t one source of truth for any given part of the project process.

Different protocols across different projects were impeding the ability of the organization to have one smooth workflow, from the head office to on-site contractors.

Fabe Grup’s employees were spending more time than needed looking for project assets and seeking permission to access and modify documents. This lack of a unified project process was causing issues when  it came time to do project tracking and reporting.

ISETIA provides a master project collaboration solution for all parties involved in the project. Permissions are controlled by head office and automatic revision tracking,  mark-ups and notes made directly on documents save time getting team members up to speed.

ISETIA allows employees to track the status of work on-site, from anywhere

Construction projects don’t always go as planned. Communication from the site regarding challenges, delays and completed work is critical for mitigating on site issues as well as providing documentation to support invoices.

Without a centralized system that allowed for updates to be made by all parties involved, regardless of their location, projects were falling behind schedule.

ISETIA allows employees to track the status of work from anywhere, and when there are issues that may impact the schedule, alerts go out to supervisors and the people that need to know.

ISETIA increases efficiencies that result in measurable financial benefits.

Prior to implementing ISETIA, Fabe was experiencing challenges in communication between building materials and on-site workers. After implementation, Fabe was able to reduce delays and better prioritize materials purchasing, based on the needs of the workers on-site.

As a result Fabe was able to increase its efficiency in just one area by 180% which translates to a savings of 2.5% in purchasing costs. 

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“ISETIA helps us with managing our multiple projects, in different countries, within one system. By implementing it we have increased our project  performance and we have full control over processes and site from head office. It’s a world class solution with local support and training we have completed implementation in a short time. ISETIA is the most modern and innovative project process management system, which we actively use in all of our projects and get full benefit for managing our contract documents and processes such as RFI, RFP, RFO, transmittals and handover stage”

Fatih BudanGeneral Manager