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ISETIA is the most powerful project management platform on the marketplace today. 

Eliminate internal silos, better leverage your team, torpedo risks and accelerate project timelines to realize immediate results. 

Automatically, imaginatively, powerfully and customized to you. 

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ISETIA is an award winning, fully integrated project management and document management platform. 

A powerful cloud-based project management solution that supports agile and scrum methodologies along with other ad-hoc project management models, ISETIA helps businesses to manage task assignments, documents, budgets, issues and risks to finish projects faster.

“We are using ISETIA in A1F road construction project in Poland and very happy about it. The main advantages are simplicity and easy to use.”

FatihFABE Construction

A revolutionary departure from the folder system to one you configure to suit your needs.

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Optimizing document management presents an easy way to streamline workflow, reduce resources and ultimately, get projects done faster and more profitably. 

In large organizations working on complex projects, the hours that are spent looking for the right version of the document between various software systems and employees add up.

ISETIA offers an exciting new document management solution that makes work easier, faster and more enjoyable for everyone involved. 

Relate in multiple dimensions:

Create a logical linking structure between documents and save time spent looking for documents in a service outside the project planning platform. In ISETIA documents appear in multiple places at once; tailored to the user’s dashboard and synced with GANTT, BIM, 3P, Risk Analysis, Lessons Learned and other areas of ISETIA.

Imagine your own interface:

ISETIA works the way you do. The personalized dashboard allows you to abandon traditional folder style structures or create one that suits you.

One source of truth:

Backed up in the cloud, secure and always accessible. ISETIA provides you and your team with the most recent version of the document, guaranteed. Say goodbye to the frustration of duplicate or inaccessible documents.

Collaborate intuitively:

Request feedback from one or multiple parties, instantly. Change flow history, revision request, instant commenting and the ability to visually contribute allows you to show collaborators what you mean. Document permission management ensures the hierarchy of the organization is maintained in the approval process.

if you are able to use Facebook, you will be able to start using ISETIA after a few hours of product training.

YasinProne Project Management

End to end cost management functionality that is completely integrated within the scheduling framework. 

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The gap between projected versus actual project costs is arguably the most important project metric to manage. 

Yet, access to accurate and complete project cost data can be difficult to access and interpret with information siloed in accounting programs. 

ISETIA provides the functionality to perform and analyze planning, estimating, budgeting, financing and controlling costs within the same platform as the project management dashboard.

The result is complete, accurate and detailed information provided from initial planning to project completion. 

Slice through silos:

Create logic links between units of work and costs, roles and responsibilities, deadlines and documents. Use company specific language or handy presets. Classify and track information across the entire life cycle of the project.

Drill down to details instantly:

Attach documents to costs and access them anytime. Assign receipts, work orders, PO’s and any number of related documents to costs for a micro level of transparency, all available and accessible any time, from any device.

Handy budget alerts:

Automatic alerts are created when anticipated costs are almost surpassed. ISETIA reports on planned and actual expenses as well as percentage of work executed.

Stylish reports to suit every stakeholder:

You may report costs in tabular, linear, pie chart and other types of reports by using extraordinary visualization forms.

“We have been using ISETIA more than 2 years. We have tried other Project Management software, but this was the most stable, useful, and usable software we have found thus far.

Justin Netband, Hong Kong
At the heart of ISETIA is groundbreaking power and flexibility. 

Germinated from agile and kanban project techniques,  ISETIA goes far beyond the basics of WBS and GANTT charts with a wide open configurability within the Project, Program and Portfolio management panel.

ISETIA provides an award winning level of flexibility, agility and scalability that allows you to access all the information that matters in one place.

Wide open configurability:

Align your ISETIA interface with many other existing company processes, organizational resource breakdown structures and project scope management. Sync your work across the ISETIA platform to include documents, costs, risks, issues, lessons learned, and much more.

Industry leading flexibility

Switch from standard scheduling into ISETIA Board style. Scale projects, programs and portfolios. Adjust project lifecycle management based on phases like Initiating, Planning, Execution, Closeout or any other techniques.

Manage the team easily:

Assign roles, responsibilities and privileges to any or all of the system’s objects.

Real time progress

Fully transparent and up to the minute aggregation of the project’s numeric data, from the level of individual’s tasks within a single project, up to the whole portfolio level. Generate stunning custom reports on the project.

“We give customer access and they can start using without any training

For everything that falls outside of the schedule, but can still impact it.

ISETIA provides a home for the ad-hoc tasks, files, meetings and tasks that inevitably come up throughout the project lifecycle. By syncing process management with schedule management within the flexible and holistic panel, ISETIA fills a much needed gap in project management.

The result is better documentation, transparency and accountability.

Improve accessibility & productivity:

From administrative tasks to the most high level information requirements, the ISETIA panel provides the ultimate in transparency. The fusion of classic project management and micro planning ensures every team member has the access they need to answer important process questions and do the work required to complete the project.

Collaborate more efficiently:

Reduce email clutter and unnecessary meetings while still encouraging all members of the team to participate in important discussions. The ISETIA message board functionality provides an intuitive and easy to use way to spread ideas, post topics, spark conversations and increase collaboration.

Accelerate ramp up time:

Save time on repetitive work and ensure no task, no matter how small, slips through the cracks. Deploy projects in record time with preset, customizable templates.

Align & Streamline:

The Process management function of ISETIA provides you with excellent organization of process based work and documents. Customize your ISETIA board according to policies and procedures unique to you. Easily access and find documents and work like RFI, RFP, RFQ, transmittals, submittals, punch lists, design changes, claims, change requests and more.

Minimize the impact of project threats and seize opportunities as they occur.

Deliver the project on time, on budget and at the expected quality in spite of complex environments that present multiple risks to project completion.

The dynamic ISETIA risk management module provides the support and framework to successfully identify, troubleshoot and mitigate risks before they impact the project schedule. 

The dedicated risk register helps to manage, track, collect and resolve risks all within one project management platform.

Draw on your team’s strengths:

Give all team members the tools to communicate potential risks, causes, potential implications and planned responses in a timely manner. Provisioning access to the risk flow,  interactive message boards and smart BIM clash detection ensures the right parties are alerted to risks before they become clashes.

Focus on what’s important:

Understand the impact to start and finish dates as well as  project costs. Prioritize and categorize risks based on your organization’s specific criteria.

Don’t miss a detail:

The predefined PMI standardized workflow provided in the ISETIA risk management module ensures risk assessments are thorough, complete and accurate. Flexible customization options allow you to add or remove fields, modify the values for types, statuses, categories, manageability, probability, priority, risk response actions and more. 

The flow cycle is enhanced with comments and an automatically updated change log registers all updates and actions taken.

Eliminate assumptions:

By assigning ownership for execution and results through ISETIA, an automatic record of roles, responsibilities and updates is created and stored for more timely risk mitigation. Every risk is meticulously organized and assigned to a specific structure – project, program (group of projects) or portfolio and specific part of structure – task, WBS or process.

Track, analyze, prioritize and resolve issues easily.

The ISETIA issue management module allows for a reliable, dedicated and flexible environment to manage the inevitable issues that crop up throughout each project’s lifecycle.

ISETIA’s predefined, yet customizable structure supports consistent and highly efficient issue resolution.

Increase operational efficiency:

ISETIA provides an “out of the box, ready to use” issue resolution process. Customize above and beyond the provided foundation for enhanced data management according to your organizational principles. Implementation prior to starting the project to ensure on time delivery, no matter what unforeseen issues crop up.

Iteratively improve:

Optimize for operational efficiency by converting issues and the accompanying end to end documentation into learning opportunities.

Capture all the data:

ISETIA issue form® automates standard issue management practices, information gathering and storage. Enjoy an enhanced level of communication & documentation with the media library functionality that supports the attachment of voice notes, videos and images.  ISETIA issue tracking is also integrated with 3D BIM, enabling issues to be reported from within the 3D model.

Track, measure and resolve issues quickly:

Spot which part of the project’s structure will be affected immediately. Categorize issues, assign responsibilities and track progress. Rest easy knowing the ultimate in transparency is maintained with the automated time / user/ update stamping.

Implement best practices and avoid mistakes by leveraging the amassed body of knowledge from within your organization. 

The ISETIA Lessons Learned module empowers organizations to develop, maintain and update a database of information that can be used to improve project processes and ultimately, financial performance.

Store & share:

Store lessons, details and pivotal learnings in one place that makes it easy to share & disseminate.

Capitalize on pre-existing data:

Simply convert already available data from other ISETIA modules into the lessons learned database.

Capture valuable context:

ISETIA makes it easy to gather and store valuable comments, and supplementary materials including media files to flesh out the facts. Identify and elaborate on the specific process  or decision that could reduce or eliminate the potential failure or reinforce a positive result. 

Involve the entire team:

From trainees to upper management, harness the collective experiences for maximum improvement opportunities going forward. 

Leverage the proven capabilities of 3D BIM to deliver enhanced results throughout the project lifecycle.

ISETIA BIM supports your project far beyond the bidding phase.

Improve safety, mitigate issues, clashes and risks, and provide additional visual information to enhance decision making throughout the entirety of the project lifecycle. 

The ISETIA 3D BIM Module fully integrates with the other ISETIA modules; improving document management, cost management, 3P management, process management, risk analysis, issue management and lessons learned all in one easy to use and customizable portal.

Bridges 1D to 3D effortlessly:

Simply upload your pre-existing IFC Files to view 3D models and additional visual charts to analyze and understand project performance. ISETIA BIM integrates with all standard project planning software and systems for a flawless import / export experience.

See the future:

Input changes to the schedule and observe impacts on timeline, work, sub trades and costing. Instantly and prior to construction. Bid management is made easier with visual, easy to present models that can be modified an unlimited amount of times.

Visualize every detail:

Access a micro level understanding of  your project with 3D rendering technology that improves your ability to interact with and optimize the project schedule. See the project from concept to completion, from almost any angle or dimension. Transparent walls and floors allow you to view and optimize the internal elements of the project like never before. Mark up & comment right on the model for rapid, intuitive improvement.

Avoid costly clashes:

Automatic clash detection ensures your project isn’t held up by overlapping sub trades or logistical impossibility. ISETIA BIM highlights the issue right on the 3D model for instant resolution.

“ We have been using ISETIA in our projects successfully since 2011. ISETIA helps us manage project contracts, documents, processes and daily base works more efficiently. We recommend the solution because it’s easy and powerful and the company delivers the committed scope and functionality.”

Esra Yapimerkezi Sierra & Echo