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In the world of complex infrastructure project estimating, scheduling and delivery, it’s almost unheard of for a large scale infrastructure project to be delivered on time and budget.

Schedule delays and cost over-runs are so common they have become either expected or built into the Owner’s contingency plan. Often, the schedule starts out as the project driver but cost quickly becomes the focus.

Work slippages, equipment clashes, unexpected weather, policy issues, and unforeseen risks are just the beginning.

There’s almost no end to the problems that can plague a project and derail it’s timeline and budget!

It requires diligent management, a well prepared project team, and an efficient toolset to deliver a successful project.

Our vision is to solve project problems, enabling each and every project our clients work on to be delivered on time, on budget.

We know it’s a bold vision.

But by providing the right tools and expertise to attain accurate, complete project information and comprehensive end-to-end support throughout the project lifecycle, we enable our clients and project stakeholders to arrive at the fully informed, data driven decisions that lead to project success.

With advances in technology and project support methodology we help our clients identify and mitigate risks and delays at the front end of the project, and measure, troubleshoot and recover the baseline during project execution.

Our experience shows that by investing in the types of thorough, complete and fully objective project expertise we provide, stakeholders can reduce or effectively understand and manage the budget and schedule overages that plague even global leaders in construction.

We seek to support our clients to set a new standard for project and business success – meeting objectives, baselines and exceeding expectations.

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A Few Of The Firms We’ve Partnered With:

“To anyone doing any kind of location based project, the tool and the team at Petroglyph is a must have.”

L. Davis Lead Planner, Pipeline Owner Company

Petroglyph, now a NetPoint Partner

Petroglyph Project Analytics is now offering NetPoint software solutions, training, and services to our client base. NetPoint is a world class interactive planning tool that brings team buy-in to planning and risk management.

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