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Elevate your team’s performance with award winning training.

Quickly increasing the efficiency of the project team is the most expedient way to make a positive impact on the project schedule.

The best way to empower the team to drive optimal results is often provisioning a niche software solution.

The software solutions we offer are shown to eliminate unknowns, provide a complete picture of the project progress, automate many redundant tasks and provide the data that is critical to delivery on target.

When the project timeline calls for an accelerated ramp up, provisioning comprehensive training for the project team elevates the team’s skills, abilities and comfort levels with the tool, quickly.

Beyond re-iterating knowledge that can easily be found in the Help section of the tools, or focusing on abstract theoretical knowledge, the trainer’s mandate is to make it meaningful.

Upon completion, the project team will not only understand how to use the tool in the most effective way, they will have made tangible progress on the set up, configuration and optimization of the project they are working on, with the benefit of hands on instruction, troubleshooting and tech support, right there to answer questions and provide clarity and guidance on the specifics of the project in question.

Because of the exceptional value delivered in these sessions, delivering effective and comprehensive training to project teams is one of our most in demand services.

We offer the flexibility of providing on site or online training, based on a standardized itinerary or customized to the needs of your team and project.

The team at Petroglyph Projects is exceptionally talented and experienced in delivering TRIMBLE TILOS, Powerproject and APEX training.

At least two team members have earned elite TRIMBLE certified trainer status, and our team members are regularly asked to present on these software tools for public and private audiences.

Why Global Leaders Invest In Software Training From Petroglyph Projects

Increase Project Team Efficacy:

Can your project schedule really accommodate schedulers to learn by doing?

When it comes to the complexities of large scale projects, don’t settle for self-taught.

Invest in your team, help them become fluent users with best in class, face to face training from award winning trainers.

Enhance Professional Development:

In most cases, Training Sessions can be applied towards professional development credit requirements (PDU’s).

Protect Your Investment:

Optimize the return on investment in specialized software for planning, scheduling and executing complex infrastructure projects.

Ensure your team learns everything they need to more effectively plan, schedule and manage projects.

All attendees will receive a copy of a training manual they can refer back to for years to come.

A Few Of The Firms We’ve Partnered With:

“To anyone doing any kind of location based project, the tool and the team at Petroglyph is a must have.”

L. Davis Lead Planner, Pipeline Owner Company

Latest Tilos Linear Scheduling Software update provides an even more compelling solution for project planners.

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