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Our unique end to end project controls support and service model supports our clients from the very preliminary stages of assessing a project’s feasibility, to completion close to or at baseline – and all the stages in between.

In some cases we work with clients for the project’s duration and beyond.

In others, we’re procured to achieve a one time specific outcome, like provisioning specialized software.

No matter where you are in your project lifecycle, we provide a robust suite of high value products and services that drive better project and business outcomes.

Our decades of project experience, up-to date, specialized knowledge of today’s cutting edge project tools and technologies, dedication with data driven decision making and detached objectivity give your organization and project the invaluable Power of Perspective.

01 – Investigation & Analysis:

In this phase we’ll ask a lot of questions.

Our data driven approach means we like to get all the information before we comment on what the next steps could look like.

This approach saves time and resources on the back end of your endeavour, and will inform our recommendations and proposed solutions.

Sometimes our clients ask us to provide information on next steps, while others prefer the information assessment and presentation of conclusions.

No matter your project controls needs, or where you are in the project lifecycle we’re pleased to offer the following services:

Needs analysis:

When there are problems with project or organizational performance, it isn’t always obvious what the root cause is.

That’s where The Power of Perspective can provide real value.

Petroglyph Projects will analyze the symptoms and trace them to the source of the issues impacting business or project objectives.

Learn more about needs analysis

Document discovery  

Prior to creating a project estimate or baseline, a careful analysis of documents and data is performed through the process of document discovery.

This phase is especially important due to the contractual obligations and penalties that can occur for extending the project beyond the baseline of schedule or cost.

Learn more about document discovery

Assess project challenges & deliverables

Once all the data and documents have been collected the analysis can begin.

Risk and feasibility assessments are a strategically prudent use of resources.

Leverage our expertise and experience to either challenge or validate your project team’s work. Protect your project against unseen risks and the cost of project overages.

Learn more about Risk & Feasibility Assessments

02 – Propose and Present:

Once we’ve gathered the data and documents, run our assessment models and identified appropriate context, we’re now ready to present our conclusions, recommendations, models and investigative outcomes.

Here, we will advise on actionable findings, conclusions and recommendations, including options for partnering with us for the near or long term.

No matter your project controls needs, or where you are in the project lifecycle we’re pleased to offer the following services:

Propose possible solutions

After we’ve thoroughly analyzed the gap between where you are and where you’re going, we’ll provide a comprehensive proposal outlining our recommendations, rationale, time and scope.

Request a proposal

Provide first drafts of scope, budget, timeline

We work collaboratively with our clients.

Our initial proposal document is just that, an initial version of our understanding of what will best work for your team, project, organization, schedule and budget.

Then, we review together and adjust as necessary.

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Present to stakeholders

When the proposed solution has been modified to your exacting specifications, we’ll arrange a mutually convenient time to propose our solution to all relevant stakeholders.

As experienced project controls professionals, we understand the value of expediency and are careful to demonstrate how we can deliver enhanced project and business outcomes.

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03 – Set up and Support:

We’ve identified how best to work together and now we’re empowered to provide project controls as agreed. We deploy our services and solutions either on site or online, depending on your project needs.

We’ll work with you to provision and troubleshoot the software solutions we’ve provisioned until they are up and running smoothly.

It’s in this phase often provide project set up services at this time as well, inputting and importing documents and data to expedite project team ramp up time.

Our project controls and scheduling support services may also be deployed at this time, which can be as comprehensive as a year-long on site assignment, or a short and effective one week engagement.

No matter your project support needs, or where you are in the project lifecycle we’re pleased to provide flexible, personalized support tailored to your exacting specifications:

Finalize budget, timeline & scope

Together we’ll agree on the details like training dates, reporting timelines and other deliverables and finalize the budget, timeline and project scope.

We pride ourselves on delivering real value to our clients, and our collaborative, results driven approach is reflected in our offerings.

Request a proposal

Provision software, setup project

At this time, if it’s part of our scope of work, we’ll work to provision the specialized software and begin setting up the project.

We’ll ensure each user has access to the software solution, help with accessing documentation and access to tech support along the way.

Our team members will import and input the project details so as to ensure the project team is ramped up as quickly as possible.

Learn more about the specialty software solutions we offer

Provide project support services

There are times in a project when a extra set of hands can make the difference between executing on time and falling behind.

We’re delighted to provide on-site support with both setting up the project, and troubleshooting the user experience as well as the project schedule.

Learn more about project controls services

04 – Evaluate & Iterate

We’re dedicated to improving project outcomes through the data driven Power of Perspective.

At this stage, we’ve been working on your project and it’s time to evaluate the results of our efforts, projections and data driven assumptions.

At this time we also assess our support services and ask – are more or less resources required?

We’re always working to improve. Measuring and evaluating progress on a regular basis is just another way we demonstrate our dedication to providing outstanding value.

No matter where you are in the project lifecycle we’re pleased to provide flexible, personalized support tailored to meet your business and project objectives:

Evaluate Progress, Path To Optimization

You can’t improve what you don’t measure.

Verifying suppositions, measuring and analyzing progress and iterating as needed takes into account any unseen variables and corrects any deviations before they become problematic.

Learn more about schedule and estimate support services

Iterate Support Services, Scale as Needed

Aligning all the resources required to complete a complex infrastructure on a tight schedule is no small feat.

In our experience, no matter how thorough projections and assessments are initially, impossible to predict situations still occur and threaten the baseline.

We’re prepared for unforeseen circumstances and the chance additional resources will be required within a very short timeframe, or the scope of work of existing supports needs to be extended.

Our flexible support services offer the ability to scale with the needs of the project. When your project team needs additional support, we will be there.  Conversely, we can wrap up and exit the project with remarkable speed.

Learn more about project controls services

05 – Customize & Standardize

Ultimately, the objective is to support the project team to maintain the project pace without our direct input.

Together we identify the path to peak performance.

Next, we streamline, outline, identify and create the structures, systems, project and reporting templates and guidelines to ensure effective workflows & processes, software usage and reporting metrics and baselines.

Adopted to each organization’s specific needs and desired project outcomes, the support structures created in this phase act as training tools while also streamlining use of resources and providing redundancy services.

Customized & Standardized Workflow

Standardized and customized workflow services create a structure by which all resources are controlled effectively.

Installing processes that provide repeatable, reliable outcomes is key to operational efficiency, staffing redundancy protection and scaling teams effectively.

Learn more about Customized & Standardized Workflow

Dashboard Reporting

Establishing the baseline and the rate of work by which baseline can be attained is a critical first step to success.  Effectively monitoring project progress is accomplished first through standardization of key metrics, each reporting period. Together, we identify the metrics that matter and set up dashboard reporting to deliver this data regularly.

Learn more about dashboard reporting and project set up services

06 – Train & Troubleshoot:

Whether your project team would be best supported by a laser focus on a specific problem or on-site or online software training services, our breadth and depth of support services have a solution that makes sense for each situation.

Fill in project controls gaps with on-site expertise.

When an organization is ramping up to begin construction on an infrastructure project, expediency is key.

Petroglyph Projects provides stop-gap or semi-permanent supports to fill in gaps where and as needed to troubleshoot project, schedule or software challenges.

Learn more about project controls services

Train resources, troubleshoot schedule & planning.

Whether in person, on site or delivered via webinar, Petroglyph Projects can deliver either standardized or customized training.

Often accompanying software provisioning, dedicated software training can help ensure user acumen and increase the speed of tool adoption for the planning team.

Additionally, troubleshooting and assistance with project set up, resource allocation and the creation of the project baseline and schedule can be provided.

Learn more about software training

Learn more about schedule support services

07 – Continuous care

Our services extend beyond a typical project lifecycle.

At Petroglyph, we support our clients from the very preliminary stages of project viability evaluation and estimate creation, to after project support – ensuring PDU’s and staff training is up to date, reporting is consistent and reliable and benchmarks are being exceeded, organization wide.

Learn more about continuous care services:

Continuous care

PDU credit delivery system

Petroglyph now offers Deltek Acumen – A perfect addition to our portfolio of PM solutions!

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