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We drive improved project and business outcomes for stakeholders at leading engineering, energy and construction companies worldwide.

Petroglyph Projects delivers results using the power of perspective that comes from identifying and optimizing the metrics that matter.

We support project planners, schedulers, owners, estimators,
managers and project controls professionals through each stage of
a project by providing a full suite of customizable, end-to-end project
controls and project delivery services.

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    Our Featured Software Solutions For Improving Infrastructure Project Outcomes

    Linear Infrastructure Scheduling Software

    TILOS Linear Project Scheduling Software

    Global leaders in linear construction use TILOS because it solves all the problems wrong with traditional linear planning.

    The automated March Chart functionality displays all the project information on just one page.

    Learn More About TILOS.

    To anyone doing any kind of location based project, the tool and the team at Petroglyph is a must have.

    L. DavisLead Planner

    Our Most Popular Articles:

    Why Construction Planners are switching to Powerproject


    If you’re in the business of construction, you don’t need to be told how complex and critical accurate project management is. Not only for the successful completion of the project, but also for maintaining the profitability, success and reputation of the business itself.

    If you’re currently using, or thinking about using MS Project as your construction project planning software, you may want to know why over one hundred thousand construction professionals are choosing Powerproject by Elecosoft instead.

    Can A Risk Assessment Really Improve Project Outcomes?

    Infrastructure project plan

    The delayed, over-budget project is all too common in the infrastructure project world.

    Projects of the magnitude of ports, railway, airports, bridges and pipelines have so many complex variables to manage, it may seem like delays and overages are simply inevitable.

    Project delays caused by unforeseen challenges are costly, frustrating and damaging to professional reputations as well as the infrastructure project plan itself.

    Still creating pipeline project estimates in Excel?

    Just because “we’ve always done it this way”, doesn’t mean there isn’t a better way.

    Traditionally, pipeline controls professionals have built estimates using workbooks.

    A software solution built specifically for the Pipeline Construction industry simply didn’t exist – until now. And now – pipeline controls professionals can double their output in half the time.

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    7 Ways To Increase Construction Project Profits With Powerproject | LIVE DEMO | FEB 13 2019

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    Why Construction Pros are Switching From MS Project to Powerproject Construction Project Planning Software by Elecosoft

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    TILOS Software Basic Training | Feb 13 – 14 2019 | Charlottesville, VA

    The Petroglyph Projects USA team is conducting TILOS Software Basic Training for a private corporation onsite in Charlottesville, VA USA Click here to book your TILOS training session or Click here to learn more about TILOS training.

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    Most Commonly Requested Services:

    Risk Assessments

    Pinpoint & Mitigate Project Risks Well Before Estimating.

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    Project Controls Support

    Actualizing Sustained Peak Performance When It Matters Most.

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    Schedule & Estimate Support

    If you need help quickly developing a Bid or Baseline Schedule in TILOS, we can help.

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