Petroglyph Projects USA brings ISETIA, the most powerful project management platform in the world to the Americas. 

The leadership team at Petroglyph Projects USA is committed to sourcing the world’s best project management solutions for their valued clients. 

Because many European countries have harsher restrictions on development, Europe’s leading construction, engineering and project owner firms have had to adopt advanced technologies to survive. 

Often many years ahead of the options available in North America, project management platforms like ISETIA maintain project feasibility while ensuring compliance to the globe’s most strict restrictions. 

Petroglyph Projects USA is excited to announce the addition of just such an advanced product solution to their suite of solutions.

While ISETIA was developed and has the highest adoption rates in Europe, it’s in use by companies globally.

In use in Europe since 2011, ISETIA is a truly revolutionary approach to data, project and process management that has improved efficiencies for construction, engineering and project owner companies alike.

“ We have been using ISETIA in our projects successfully since 2011. ISETIA helps us manage project contracts, documents, processes and daily base works more efficiently. We recommend the solution because it’s easy and powerful and the company delivers the committed scope and functionality.”

Esra Yapimerkezi

Sierra & Echo

Petroglyph Projects USA is now a licensed distributor for ISETIA across North, Central and South America. 

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