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Are you looking for an expert in linear, infrastructure project scheduling, estimation, execution and software solutions to present at your event?

Each individual on the Petroglyph Project’s leadership team possesses decades of hands on project experience and many thousands of hours training, facilitating discussions and presenting to their peers and colleagues.

By effortlessly weaving theory and the successful application of best practices with real life experiences in the field, the team at Petroglyph Projects USA provides engaging, and immensely useful presentations with immediate, real life practical application.

Widely recognized for their thought leadership, members of the Petroglyph team have presented across the Americas to organizations in a variety of sectors including energy, transmission, transportation, construction, roads and highways, bridges and tunnels, light rail and railway, ports and waterways, municipal, state/provincial and federal governments.

Lorne Duncan is regularly invited to present at TRIMBLE DIMENSIONS, an industry conference for project controls professionals. At DIMENSIONS, Lorne presents on the uses and benefits of TILOS (TIme LOcation Software) for linear project scheduling.

Popular topics include:

  • Utilizing Linear Planning and Scheduling for Project Control and Claims Avoidance
  • Scheduling Pipeline Projects For Success
  • Linear Scheduling In Pipeline Construction

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Jody MacLeod is an expert on risk assessment and mitigation, project controls systems and workflow. Jody regularly facilitates panels, discussions and workshops that utilize Petroglyph’s proven methodologies to improve project outcomes. Jody brings a decade plus  on site experience and is widely regarded as an expert at the top of her field.

Popular topics include:

  • Can Risk Assessments Really Improve Project Outcomes
  • Why Workflow Standardization should be standardized

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Dean Rosychuk is an award winning trainer whose expertise in linear projects is proven through his regular in person and online presentations. Dean is a Trimble Certified Trainer and has conducted numerous Basic and Advanced TILOS training sessions across the Americas.

Popular topics include:

  • Using TILOS Linear Scheduling Software for linear projects

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Daniel Cadena is an experienced project controls professional able to present in both English and Spanish. His areas of expertise include linear and infrastructure project planning and using TILOS Linear Software. Daniel has conducted numerous private and public presentations across the Americas.

  • Using TILOS Linear Scheduling Software for linear projects

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“To anyone doing any kind of location based project, the tool and the team at Petroglyph is a must have.”

L. Davis Lead Planner, Pipeline Owner Company

Use of Linear Scheduling with Civil Infrastructure Projects to Enhance Project Value & Reduce Risk

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