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Why did HARRIS PYE ENGINEERING choose ISETIA Project Collaboration & Execution Software?

Harris Pye Engineering provides 24/7 global services with an emphasis on top quality, fast and efficient customer care. Harris Pye operates worldwide in several sectors like Oil & Gas, Marine and Industrial and has a team of 1700 based in 17 facilities in 9 countries around the world. In order to optimize their over1500 concurrent projects globally, they needed a superior project collaboration tool .



Harris Pye is working on over 1500 live projects


Harris Pye currently operates in nine countries


Harris Pye operates in Oil & Gas, Marine and Industrial sectors


Harris Pye currently operates out of 17 facilities around the globe


Harris Pye currently employs 1700 staff

ISETIA helps Harris Pye by providing a common data environment across 9 countries.

With more than 1500 live, concurrent projects across diverse sectors, there is no place for delays, mistakes or inconsistencies.

Harris Pye needed an interface that could support their 1700 team members as well as outside contractors and consultants. ISETIA provides the entire organization with a consistent master program for all to access. From project managers, project directors, contractors and subcontractors there are many individuals working independently on different areas within the same projects.

They needed a platform that would help to streamline workflow and ensure effective project management and execution, on a micro and macro scale.

ISETIA provides a multi project and multi location environment with unlimited data and documents.

“ISETIA helps us with its excellent functionality, such as easy access which provides a dynamic, flexible structure and a comfortable filing system, and much more ”

Danut CimpoaieSenior Document Controller

ISETIA can secure data compliant with ISO 9001 quality standards

When document security is critical, ISETIA delivers.

Harris Pye Engineering has a wide range of highly sensitive data that needs to be both tightly secured and easily accessible to the right parties. Securely integrating with other systems and protocols is a must, as is enabling varying degrees of access and permissions.

ISETIA provides a fully guaranteed and easy to operate document flow that eliminates the risks of cloud based document storage. 

“The main benefit of this software is the restricted access it gives to the documentation, as it’s running properly with our structures such as quality 9001 standards. That is related to our company profile and it needs to be included on integrated management system”

Danut CimpoaieSenior Document Controller

Danut Cimpoaie is an experienced Senior Document Controller at Harris Pye, with over 20 years of expertise in Document Control and Service Engineering. As a professional responsible for managing documentation without wasting time, effort and costs, he aimed to find the most appropriate software to support the entire organization.

Danut needed the solution to be user-friendly and functional given their sophisticated procedures. He conducted thorough research in the marketplace before choosing ISETIA as it best fit their complex organizational needs. 

As a master program within the organization ISETIA plays a vital role in helping to increase working efficiency. ISETIA not only allows for the application of a robust workflow process, but also makes day-to-day document management faster.

Petroglyph Projects US and Petroglyph Project Analytics are now licensed distributors for ISETIA across North, Central and South America.

ISETIA Document Controls Software logo

“Our profile company looked for a DMS system and in particular, ISETIA has all these details. I choose ISETIA instead of any other solution because it was easy and applicable to our procedures”

Danut CimpoaieSenior Document Controller

“We generally operate in locations where internet connections are not very good but we were pleasantly surprised that ISETIA still performed fast. We choose the option to combine ISETIA with our own IT corporate.

We have trained our team onsite as well as with just a few days of training online, which was very helpful. Considering we have multi users, multi culture challenges and thousands of documents and projects, it was the great support from the ISETIA team that helped us manage implementation within a short amount of time.

ISETIA gives us flexibility and a highly secured way to operate, work and store information online “

Danut CimpoaieSenior Document Controller