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Make data driven decisions with total confidence. That’s the Power of Perspective.

Externally validating the assumptions of the project team is a prudent step many organizations are insisting upon prior to estimating a project.

Even global leaders with on site risk assessment experts on staff understand that while in house evaluations have value, they cannot be made without biases that could risk the accuracy of findings.

Making good project and business decisions requires access to complete, accurate and reliable data analysis, which in many cases can only be obtained from an impartial third party.

Confidence in the feasibility of a potential project must be steadfast – well before engaging in the lengthy and costly processes of estimating, bidding, scheduling and execution.

Access Enhanced Insights Well Before Sanctions. That’s The Power Of Perspective

Document discovery services from Petroglyph Projects are often conducted as part of a formal and larger scale risk assessment, but are also requested as a stand alone support service for the project team.

Evaluation of the available data for accuracy, completion and consistency is a valuable service we provide to help stakeholders determine whether a project is feasible and can contribute to enhancing business outcomes.

Our decades plus experience with complex infrastructure projects can shave multiple percentages off the time spent evaluating documents, while also offering the peace of mind of an impartial third party assessment.

Cultivate A Reputation For Peak Performance. That’s The Power of Perspective.

Ensure the project schedule and budget has been vetted as feasible, profitable and desirable, well before the sanction phase.

Understand and proactively manage the risks and opportunities associated with the project with Petroglyph Project’s Document Discovery services.

Identify and implement opportunities to access time and budget savings.

Latest Tilos Linear Scheduling Software update provides an even more compelling solution for project planners.

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“To anyone doing any kind of location based project, the tool and the team at Petroglyph is a must have.”

L. DavisLead Planner, Pipeline Owner Company

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