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When you’re working on a complex infrastructure project, there is only one outcome that matters.

Completion of the project at baseline, or as close to it as possible.

However, some projects seem to be fraught with issues from nearly the beginning.

Overages, delays, environmental and permitting obstacles…the list of derailments can go on.

Ascertaining what must be done to ensure your project completes on time and on schedule is a process of information gathering and analysis.

Comparing the available resources to the desired outcome while assessing the context and impact of influencing variables and obstacles alike is best performed by a third party that can bring the power of perspective to the table.

As seasoned infrastructure controls professionals, we’ve worked on projects globally, and have seen and mitigated the majority of the common problems that plague projects today.

That being said, each project has its own unique parameters, project team and influencing factors to consider.

No matter the specifics, the internal project team lacks an objective perspective.

A fresh set of eyes on the problem provides new data on the project, the experience that comes from decades of project controls work and cutting edge knowledge of the tools that can help bring the project back on track, or prevent it from becoming delayed in the first place.

You can expect us to ask a lot of questions about your project, and listen carefully before moving to the next phase.

We’ll gather answers to the following questions and many more;

  • Where are we in the project lifecycle?
  • What resources are allocated to the project team?
  • Do we have accurate and complete data we need to make informed business decisions?
  • What progress must be made by when in order to show project progress to stakeholders?
  • What tools are being used to manage the project schedule, estimate and progress?

We’ll listen carefully to your answers and then recommend next steps.

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