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  • Why The Largest Real Estate Company In Poland Trusts ISETIA Project Collaboration Tool

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Why the largest real estate company in Poland trusts ISETIA Project Collaboration Tool.

EPP is the largest owner of commercial real estate in Poland. Operating as a real estate investment trust, EPP is committed to delivering the best possible rates of return to its shareholders by efficiently managing over a million square metres of space for lease, worth over 2.6 billion Euros. EPP chose the ISETIA platform to aid in planning, managing and controlling their complex investment portfolio.

EPP at a glance.

Shopping Malls

Development Project

Office Projects

€2.6 Billion
of Real Estate

Major Cities

ISETIA helps EPP by providing consistent application of processes across all projects.

There is no place for delays, mistakes or inefficiencies in managing 2.6 billion Euro of real estate.

As such, EPP needed an interface that could support its tenants, staff, executives and outside contractors and consultants in providing ongoing value for their shareholders. ISETIA supports EPP’s business objectives with a consistent master program for all to access. From managing tenants moving in and out, to developing new projects, to maintaining existing buildings, there are many teams working concurrently on different areas within the same projects.

EPP needed a platform that would help to streamline workflow and ensure effective project management and execution.

“If I were to choose the three most important features of ISETIA that support EPP, I would say the ability to collect documents in one place, the ability to control budgets and a friendly, easy-to-use interface. But there are many other valuable functions we use, the automation of creating schedules, necessary for facility management works, is a great help for us. The ease of ISETIA implementation is also important, as it doesn’t require participation in long and demanding training sessions.”

Jakub BlachnikProject Manager

ISETIA’s flexible, module-based system meets the needs of today’s business reality, securely scaling up or down as needed. 

When flexibility is critical, ISETIA delivers.

ISETIA provides an extensive and flexible range of functions and options, at an affordable price point, all within a tightly secured, cloud-based environment. Organizations like EPP can then choose as many or as few of ISETIA’s modules as they require at any given time.

Some of the most popular modules include: Document Management, 3P Management, Cost Management, Process Management, Risk Management, Issue Management, Lessons Learned, BIM Viewer

“We looked at the solutions provided and analyzed their functionality, price, licensing method and guaranteed security. We decided to get to know the ISETIA solution better.”

Jakub BlachnikProject Manager

ISETIA is an award-winning project collaboration tool, specifically designed to increase organizational effectiveness and facilitate project execution. 

Administrators and supervisors have immediate, transparent and real-time access to each project’s status, across the organization. 

ISETIA was created to make project execution easier, not harder, so unlike other enterprise-level software solutions, ISETIA does not require resource-intensive training.  

Instead, EPP’s staff found the interface easy to use and intuitive and especially appreciated the customizable dashboards.  EPP’s employees were actively using ISETIA within two short days and the organization was able to quickly realize the increased work efficiency ISETIA is known for.

“ISETIA does not require installation on devices in the office or the involvement of the internal IT department. Cloud solutions are the most convenient form of constant monitoring of your time, work and budget. We use ISETIA to create schedules and deadline planning. It also helps us divide the tasks among the company’s employees.”

Jakub BlachnikProject Manager

By providing one location for digitized documents, project and schedule templates and a repository for lessons learned, ISETIA eliminates the time spent looking for documents and reinventing the wheel with each schedule, budget and project. 

Instead, ISETIA supports each member of the team, ensuring all the information they require is at their fingertips, and consistently applied across the organization.

Each team member has a card that lists current activities, the expected completion dates of tasks, their photo and role in the organization. In this way, all employees and management have clear and transparent access to the information they need to execute each project to the highest standards.

This is just one of the functions of ISETIA that make it easy for organizations to improve project execution through collaboration.

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“Each of our projects requires a different approach from us. We use document cataloguing templates. The process itself is divided into individual phases, for which standardization is necessary. We then adapt each phase into projects that have varying degrees of complexity.”

Jakub BlachnikProject Manager