Phase Manager Software Product Videos:

Phase Manager Software Product Video One: Overview

In this 81 second video, you’ll learn how Phase Manager software can turn your schedule into a visual representation of the work.

About Phase Manager Software:

Phase manager is a unique software tool that can create a phase document directly from your existing documentation:

  • TILOS project schedule
  • AutoCad rendering of the completed project
  • Topographical map of the project site
  • P6 project schedule
  • MS Project schedule
  • Excel Sheet
  • PDF / PNG or other drawing file

Using your existing project drawing, you can create a phase book with Phase Manager in just four easy steps:

  1. Import Project Drawing
  2. Import Project Schedule (or create one in Phase Manager if needed)
  3. Define Areas & Phases
  4. Save & Export your Phase Book.

The result?

An easy to understand, impressive and visually clear phase documentation or book, quickly, easily and accurately. Click here to request a Demo of Phase Manager