POWERPROJECT Software Webinar Replay

Master planning is strategic and stable. It provides a high-level roadmap to complete the project on time and budget with the resources estimated at the time of bid. It is the structure in which production planning lives.

Production planning is the opposite. It’s tactical and dynamic. It moves the project forward and is resource-driven at the handoff level. This is why most superintendents choose to schedule in Excel, Microsoft Project, or on paper. Their ease of use and agility gets the job done but they are often developed independant of the master plan.

This independence increases project risk by diminishing alignment and traceability between the two schedules. Reconciliation becomes challenging, often resulting in time-consuming and costly re-forecasting of both schedules. Unfortunately, most scheduling software is not designed to manage the dichotomy between these two different approaches to planning.

During this presentation attendees will be introduced to using Powerproject to:

Create & Integrate a Production Schedule
Update and Progress Completed Work
Compare Planned vs Actual Work Complete