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Powerproject by Elecosoft: Because Construction Project Planning Is Complicated Enough

Construction project schedules can become things of enormous complexity.

Accounting for all the moving parts of a project to get it to on-time completion is no small feat – no matter the size of the project.

As a construction planner, you’re:

  • Directing the allocation of resources, contractors and equipment.
  • Optimizing for cash flow.
  • Working to proactively mitigate clashes and delays.
  • Gathering and reporting on progress to stakeholders.

The last thing you need slowing your team down is time out of your day to learn a complex and expensive software solution.

But, to protect against litigation caused by delays, adhere to owner requirements, and keep schedules, tasks and resources on track, a project scheduling software is a must.

When every day counts, you need a software that’s simple to use, yet robust enough to handle your most complex projects, and grow with your team.

Why Construction Planners Are Switching From MS Project or Primavera P6: 

Traditionally, construction planners have relied on MS Project or Primavera P6 to develop construction schedules.

However, many planners have found these solutions to be clunky, counterintuitive and difficult to learn.

Instead of the software supporting the way construction planners work, it was creating more work. For example:

  • P6: Has Confusing Defaults
  • P6: Has A Difficult Interface Resulting In A Longer Learning Curve
  • P6: Has Expensive Licensing Fees
  • P6: Doesn’t Have A Free Mobile Viewer
  • P6: Has Long, Drawn Out Project SetUp Times

Powerproject: A Simply Better Scheduling Tool

Powerproject is the globe’s favorite alternative to MS Project and Primavera P6.

With over 100,000 users worldwide * Powerproject takes a different approach to construction project management software.

Instead of making inaccurate assumptions about how construction planners work, Powerproject’s planning software for construction planners has been developed and refined based on the workflow, ideas, logic and input from real construction planners.

The result?

Construction project management software that supports the way you already work:

Easy To Use:

Intuitive Draw, Drag & Drop interface

One Click Management:

Filters for managing subcontractors and one click to produce an accurate Critical Path Analysis.

Real Time Progress Reports:

Via On-Site Mobile Updates

Truly Affordable:

Concurrent licensing options


Robust Resource, Cost and Revenue Features

Peace of Mind:

Get a more accurate schedule with superior linking and viewing of task relationships as well as unlimited undo / redo

Asta Powerproject
Asta Powerproject

Powerproject helps construction leaders create, manage and maintain schedules for some of the world’s most complex construction projects.

First launched in 1988 from the UK, Powerproject has evolved with the input of construction planners so that it specifically meets the needs of the industry.

Powerproject has been used on some of the world’s most complex construction projects including: Europe’s tallest building, The Shard; The Reichstag in Berlin; Banora Point Highway in Australia; Durban International Airport and the rebuilding of Christchurch New Zealand.

  • Powerproject is used by 92% of the UK’s Top Contractors
  • Powerproject is Army Corps of Engineers (USA) Approved
  • Powerproject is Trusted by the following Global Leaders in Construction

Asta Powerproject has a ‘drag and drop’ functionality that makes it much easier to use than P6.

Bill Jack DanielSaunders Construction

The great thing about Asta is that it’s so straightforward and intuitive.

Matt GhinnConstruction Manager at VolkerFitzpatrick Ltd.

Asta was a clear choice. It had the power and functionality we needed and, it had several unique features to better serve the construction industry.

Rob StricklandProject and Construction Services Inc.

Asta Powerproject is very powerful but also very easy-to-use.

Phil SolomonPlanning Operations Director, Mace

The ease of use and familiar user interface provide a less intimidating scheduling option for staff that may be hesitant to use other scheduling software.

Scott M. FrancisExecutive Consultant, Long International

Powerproject is trusted by construction planners in firms large and small get their projects done, promptly and profitably.

With Powerproject You Will:

Better Manage Your Margins:

With Superior Cost Reporting, Monthly Net Cash Flow and Robust Resource, Cost and Revenue features.

Protect Against Litigation:

Proactively Troubleshoot Delays, Fully Document Your Workflow, Get Onsite Updates.

Deliver Impressive Reports:

Powerful presentation functionality;  4D BIM and complete control over your printing options.

Increase Efficiency:

A more intuitive interface means work will be done with less delays, more accuracy and the complete picture of the project.

Generate Net ROI:

Powerproject users report a far reduced learning curve compared to other software solutions, a reduced up-front ramp up time and more affordable licensing options mean better value and increased ROI.

Communicate Effectively:

With Internal and external stakeholders across departments via easy data exchange and Powerproject’s free viewer.

Powerproject: Not just a construction project planning software

The successful communication of complete, accurate and relevant information to the correct parties can be the difference between a profitable project and beleaguered business…

Powerproject slices across organizational silos, integrating with a multitude of software solutions to provide the data you need when you need it.

From HR, to Stakeholders, Managers, Finance, Engineers, Team Members, Contract Managers, Project Managers and Consultants,  Powerproject provides your organization with an invaluable, centralized data hub.

Asta Powerproject

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