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Tilos is the only fully compatible CPM linear schedule solution available on the market.  You can either  simply import an existing Gantt based schedule into Tilos for validation and optimization, or,  you can build your distance based schedule directly inside Tilos, Linear Scheduling Methodology (LSM) is used globally on road, tunnel, rail, power distribution, pipeline and many other types of projects.  If you project is distance based, then Tilos is the solution you need.

Tilos Software - Linear Scheduling Software


Ensure Project Success Through Schedule Analytics, Risk Analysis, and Optimization

The Acumen toolset is designed to provide a structured and repeatable approach to developing sound and realistic project plans through advanced schedule analytics to improve quality and providing a sound schedule for schedule risk analysis and optimization with Acumen 360. The Acumen approach is centered on the Deltek Project Maturity Framework. Start with a CPM baseline schedule that is evaluated and adjusted using Fuse, once the schedule quality is consistent then the schedule can be risk adjusted using Acumen Risk and is based on the risk register that has been developed by the project team. Acumen 360 can then be used to optimize the risk adjusted schedule. Touchstone goes a step further in automating your schedule submission process to ensure consistency and quality.


Powerproject is an easy to use, cost effective yet power project management tool that was designed by construction professionals. Whether you are responsible for managing a single project, or a portfolio of projects, Powerproject provides you with the ability to easily build a schedule or import schedules created in other planning tools or in Excel.


Linear project management presents unique challenges, because the work is performed along a distance.

Tilos combines time and location to give you a smarter, easier way to create accurate, optimised plans, and to quickly update these plans as schedule changes occur. Tilos is fully integrated with traditional, one-dimensional, planning tools such as Primavera P6, MS Project, Powerproject and Excel. If you already have a plan, then you can easily bring it into Tilos. If your project is complex, with lots of right-of-way constraints, then it is often easier to plan directly in Tilos and export back to another planning tool if required.

Phase Manager

Phase Manager makes creating a construction project phase document easy, accurate, and reliable. Enhance communication throughout the entire life of the construction project. Plan and schedule work rates by phases, right on the site plan. Used for public consultation phases, bids and proposals, utilized by stakeholders during construction, and great tools during claims.


One of the biggest advantages of ISETIA is giving fully integrated project management and document management functionality in one platform. The program is fully adaptable and tailored to the needs of the customer.

ISETIA is an innovative, flexible and globally trusted project and process management platform which works as a Common Data Environment (CDE) within a secured cloud computing infrastructure. ISETIA is designed to help project teams plan, manage, execute and report on projects or portfolios of projects.

Schedule Validator

The complete cloud-based schedule analytics and validation tool. Identify and manage risks with industry-leading schedule analytics and reporting. Because we focus on schedule solutions, we understand the unique reporting and complexities you face. That’s why Schedule Validator Dashboards were developed. Three dashboards allow users to quickly view and report on schedules. From a single schedule to all projects across the Enterprise. Get new Analytical insights for P6, MS Project, and Asta Powerproject.

Schedule Validator - Enterprise Dashboard

To anyone doing any kind of location based project, the tool and the team at Petroglyph is a must-have.

TILOS transformed our engineers’ attitude toward project scheduling from something extra they never had time for to a tool they “owned” and wouldn’t go to a meeting without.”…

I have worked with Petroglyph for nearly 15 years and continue to be impressed with the level of customer service and support that they provide.   I have been a long time user of Tilos, and Petroglyph consistently delivers the level of support that I need to keep my projects moving.  No question is too small and they will respond immediately to get any issues resolved.  Lorne and his crew are great to work with.”

“Working with Petroglyph has been a great experience for the Forbes Team. Petroglyph is very knowledgeable, informative, and reliable when it comes to preparing Tilos March Charts. They were able to accommodate any last minute requests, and our team could rest assured knowing they would get the job done.”

What makes Trimble Quest so good is the flexibility. We can create our own work processes, cost calculation formulas and set up a list of resources…

When we have used TILOS on major pipeline projects during construction, it has provided rich construction decision support information. This information is  used to:

  • Optimize the construction program with resultant direct dollar savings.
  • Reinforce our establishment of facts in the event of  contractor claims thus  yielding more savings.” …

We couldn’t keep track of where we were in relation to environmental constraints. Tilos solved this problem and enabled us to plan very effectively…

“Working with Petroglyph has been a great experience for the Forbes Team. Petroglyph is very knowledgeable, informative, and reliable when it comes to preparing Tilos March Charts. They were able to accommodate any last minute requests, and our team could rest assured knowing they would get the job done.”