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Acumen Fuse

Project Schedule Analysis & Risk Management

Acumen Fuse is a comprehensive project analysis, visualization and problem resolution platform.

Once a project schedule has been developed, Acumen Fuse is used to analyze the schedule model characteristics. Fuse will identify if there are errors or redundancies to be addressed using established metrics. Once the schedule model has been updated, it is ready for the next step.

Acumen Fuse is a software solution that complements your existing scheduling tools such as P6, MS Project and Powerproject to:

  • Help you build sound, realistically do-able schedules without manual critique
  • Provide you with metric analysis, a clear visual and comparison context of your schedule quality, cost-forecast accuracy, risk-model realism, earned value and project performance
  • Give you a repeatable way to score and critique schedule quality, pinpoint weaknesses, evaluate performance during execution and gauge the impact of changes

The intelligent project scheduling automation built into Acumen Fuse provides project integrity through advanced analytics, which gives you unique insight into how to improve project plans and execution – which ultimately leads to a competitive advantage out in the marketplace. Fuse also helps you maintain control of your plan by providing analytical trending and forensic analysis of progress updates. That way you know what changed, who changed it if you are working with subcontractors, and can see the impact of the updates on an ongoing basis. Have confidence you are still on track.