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Powerproject Site Progress Mobile

Job Site Project Management & Progress Monitoring App

Site Progress Mobile reduces duplication of effort by updating progress from the job site, directly into the Powerproject Schedule

Site Progress Mobile allows users to update specific tasks directly from a mobile device in the field. This eliminates the need to re-enter or upload the progress data later.

Site Progress Mobile allow a user to :
  • Update progress at any time, from any location – without having to open Powerproject|
  •  Improve data accuracy by removing the need for re-keying of updates
  • Export tasks to mobile devices based on resource assignments
  • Record actual start/finish dates, percentage complete and remaining duration
  • Review reported progress and approve/reject submission, before applying to program

Site Progress Mobile is a downloadable app which enables mobile users to record the progress of tasks and repetitive events from a remote location against their work as scheduled in a Powerproject project plan. Each user sees only the relevant tasks and progress check lists for which they have responsibility and is able to add notes and photographs to each task.

“The beauty of Site Progress Mobile is that the data collected with your phone can be downloaded directly into the program. It removed a laborious task and the potential for errors from having to input data manually.”

Peter Farmer, Senior Planning Engineer, Interserve

The Site Progress Mobile app works directly with Powerproject to enable flexible, site-to-office progress reporting to record project progress quickly and easily via mobile devices.


Progress is entered directly from site, reducing
effort and duplication
of manually entering progress from the office