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We provide world class construction project management, project controls, and project execution solutions. Our focus is specialized software solutions, training, and professional consulting services around our product offerings. Consulting includes provision of planning and scheduling expertise, workflow and process development, project controls procedural implementation, risk assessment facilitation, software implementation, and third-party assessment of documents, digital construction solutions.

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Create accurate and reliable project schedules, project control processes and provide on-site project controls resources.

Improve project team outputs through on site project support

Provide software solutions for managing all types of projects – we have solutions that will help you plan and manage your projects.

Train project teams to use the globe’s best software solutions

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Petroglyph Projects delivers results using the power of perspective that comes from identifying and optimizing the metrics that matter. We support project planners, schedulers, owners, estimators, managers and project controls professionals through each stage of a project by providing a full suite of customizable, end-to-end project controls and project delivery services.


Powerproject is an easy to use, cost effective yet powerful  project management tool that was designed by construction professionals. Whether you are responsible for managing a single project, or a portfolio of projects, Powerproject provides you with the ability to easily build a schedule or import schedules created in other planning tools or in Excel.

Elecosoft Powerproject is used in these types of projects:

  • Infrastructure
  • Engineering
  • IT
  • Construction
  • Aerospace
  • Oil & Gas
  • Biotech/Pharmaceutical
  • Energy

The Elecosoft Powerproject family of products includes:

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Schedule Validator - Enterprise Dashboard

Schedule Validator

The complete schedule analytics and validation tool. Identify and manage risks with industry-leading schedule analytics and reporting.

Generate easy-to-read comparative analyses with enhanced details that can be used directly in your own narrative reports. Easily compare schedule changes, milestone status, critical path analysis, and more.

Identify and Manage Risks with Industry-Leading Schedule Analytics and Reporting

Schedule Validation Score
Upload your P6, MS Project, or Asta Powerproject schedule and see your Schedule Validation Score. Our unique DCMA+ scoring is the industry-leading scoring system for schedule quality and risks.

Schedule Execution Score
Maintain a Schedule Execution Score from update to update or from baseline to update. Monitor how well your project team is executing their plan.

Enhanced Dashboards for Immediate Visibility of Project Schedule Issues
Because we focus on schedule solutions, we understand the unique reporting and complexities you face. That’s why we’ve built Schedule Validator Dashboards. Three dashboards allow users to quickly view and report on schedules. From a single schedule to all projects across the Enterprise. Get new Analytical insights for P6, MS Project, and Asta Powerproject.

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Tilos Software - Linear Scheduling Software


Tilos combines time and location to give you a smarter, easier way to create accurate, optimised plans, and to quickly update these plans as schedule changes occur. Tilos is fully integrated with traditional, one-dimensional, time-based, planning tools such as Primavera P6, MS Project, Powerproject and Excel. If you already have a plan, then you can easily bring it into Tilos. If your project is complex, with lots of right-of-way constraints, then it is often easier to plan directly in Tilos and export back to another planning tool if required.

Whether you are building a road, transmission line, pipeline or another type of linear project, Tilos will help you incorporate Right-of-Way constraints such as permitting, environmental restrictions at certain times of year, crossings and outages, with your plan.

  • Effectively communicate your construction plan and progress to project stakeholders
  • Identify and mitigate issues such as clashes between activities or sections of your project that are not performing to baseline
  • Include environmental, survey and engineering data to create, or validate, an existing schedule

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Deltek Acumen

Ensure Project Success Through Schedule Analytics, Risk Analysis and Optimization. Use the Acumen toolset improve and validate schedule quality, identify and manage the risks and accelerate completion dates to meet critical project milestones. The Acumen tool suite resolves project shortcomings in minutes by identifying issues using Acumen Fuse. Acumen Risk provides a easy to use, integrated schedule and cost risk analysis.  Acumen 360 optimizes your schedule by utilizing an interactive acceleration engine.

Deltek Acumen is used in these types of projects

  • Infrastructure
  • Engineering
  • Construction
  • Aerospace
  • Oil & Gas
  • Biotech/Pharmaceutical

The Deltek family of products includes

  • Acumen Fuse – schedule quality analytics
  • Acumen Risk – integrated schedule and cost analysis to determine the impact of schedule delays on project cost
  • Acumen 360 – schedule optimization and what-if analysis
  • Touchstone – automate schedule submissions, assessments and feedback to improve quality

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Trimble Digital Connected Construction Solutions

Trimble is your partner to create a completely connected construction plan, from feasibility planning to project completion. Trimble’s Civil Engineering solutions are used by thousands of companies worldwide. Whether you are trying to optimize your route, prepare quantity takeoffs for site or corridors or to create a bid estimate , Trimble’s Civil Engineering Ecosystem of solutions has something for you.

Trimble Quest

Quest  provides  contractors with the most sophisticated, advanced cost estimating software tools available to develop and manage construction cost estimates with real world accuracy. Pricing bids, monitoring on-site progress and forecasting requirements are all seamlessly handled by Trimble Quest’s innovative approach to budget management.

Trimble Quantm

Find and evaluate a full range of construction alignment alternatives for your rail or road corridor using Quantm.

When planning a civil construction project, it’s important to consider a construction alignment analysis and see what all your alternatives and paths are in order to create the most efficient, best plan for completion. Our advanced construction software includes feasibility planning tools to help engineers define and optimize corridors and alignments from A to B.

Trimble Business Center

Quickly create accurate, integrated 3D constructible models for construction surveying and machine control.  One single application for 2D and 3D takeoffs.

Trimble Business Center calculates earthwork and material quantities for bids, preparing data for construction stakeout, building 3D models to optimize machine operation, track productivity and deliver first-class as-built documentation — seamless and efficient.

Trimble Business Center offers six subscription options to help any size company start using our advanced quantity takeoff and integrated construction data software. Our Construction edition is customized to include data prep, survey, construction takeoff, mass haul and advanced corridor planning of construction projects.

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Phase Manager

Phase Manager makes creating a construction project phase document easy, accurate, and reliable. Enhance communication throughout the entire life of the construction project. Plan and schedule work rates by phases, right on the site plan. Used for public consultation phases, bids and proposals, utilized by stakeholders during construction, and great tools during claims.

Phase Manager is currently being used for the following construction applications:

  • Highway widening
  • Motorway interchanges
  • Road works
  • Dams
  • Rail works
  • Commercial areas
  • Tramways
  • Buildings
  • Train stations

Phase Manager features:

  • With Phase Manager, you do not need a CAD draftsman or 3D modeller
  • Includes automated legends for colours, calendars, time scales, and other data elements for context
  • Quickly and easily transforms a drawing into a live demonstration of project phases from beginning to end

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One of the major advantages of ISETIA is providing fully integrated project management and document management functionality in one platform. The solution is fully adaptable and tailored to the needs of the customer.

ISETIA is an innovative, flexible and globally trusted project and process management platform which works as a Common Data Environment (CDE) within a secured cloud computing infrastructure. ISETIA is designed to help project teams plan, manage, execute and report on projects or portfolios of projects.

Imagine your own interface:

ISETIA works the way you do. The personalized dashboard allows you to improve upon traditional folder style structures or create one that suits you.

Relate in multiple dimensions:

Create a logical linking structure between documents and save time searching for documents in a service outside the project planning platform. In ISETIA, documents appear in multiple places at once; tailored to the user’s dashboard and synced with GANTT, BIM, 3P, Risk Analysis, Lessons Learned and other areas of ISETIA.

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