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Tilos Software Training

Our Certified Tilos Training Programs, either Web-Based or On-site, are available  to our client base throughout the Americas.

These courses are offered in both English and Spanish and have been delivered dozens of times to many of our customers.

Each course is taught by a Certified Tilos Training Instructor. Your training Instructor has been certified by  Trimble and brings significant project experience in scheduling and applying linear planning methodology (TILOS) to the classroom.  Please contact us for further information if you want to learn from one of our industry experienced Tilos Instructors.  Group discounts are available.

Tilos Software - Linear Scheduling Software

All Tilos Training courses include the following:

  • Certified TILOS Training Instructor – all instructors have considerable industry experience in the application of Tilos to a variety of linear projects. They also are very experienced educators.
  • TILOS Training License – each student will be provided with a temporary Tilos license if required.
  • TILOS Training Guides – these are meant to be supplement the instructor led training.

The training courses are either web based, or onsite, based on client requirements and are led by one of our Certified TILOS Trainers. We use “GoToWebinar” or “Microsoft Teams” as our remote training communication tool therefore all your student will need is access to the internet and his/her laptop with the software installed if the course is handled via our remote option.

Each Student,upon the successful completion of the course, will be provided a “Training Certificate” for their personal records.

Our standard Tilos courses are listed below, but can be customized to meet our client’s needs.

Basic Tilos

Let’s  quickly get you started using Tilos  with this  Basic Tilos course. The course includes an overview, with examples, of how Tilos is used in various types of projects, an overview and introduction to the user interface, basics of setting up a project, adding and linking activities,  creating views, importing data such as survey or engineering data.  The use of layers and sub-projects to create custom views will be discussed. Students will be fully able to create, and modify, a basic Tilos schedule after completion of this course

Advanced Tilos

Once you have become familiar with the fundamentals of Tilos and have had some practice creating time-distance or linear plans, then we recommend taking Advanced Tilos training. The purpose of the Advance class is to teach you how to effectively use subprojects, create custom views, create and manage baselines, optimize your schedule by integrating engineering, environmental or survey data into the plan, resource load and progress your plan.

Interfacing Tilos

Many of our customers use traditional scheduling programs such as P6, Powerproject, MS Project or even Excel. Some of these customers want to simply import an existing schedule into Tilos for display purposes, or to optimize the schedule in Tilos and export back to their scheduling tool. This course will teach you, with examples and exercises, how to bring a schedule, or schedule elements, into Tilos.

Tilos for Project Managers

This course is designed to provide an overview of how Tilos is used on a variety of projects, an introduction to the Tilos interface and how to create different views using filters, layer and sub-projects. This course is intended to provide Project Managers with an understanding of how Tilos works and what the possible applications it can be used for. It is not designed for those folks that are using the tool on a daily basis to create schedules and report progress.

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