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Acumen 360

Project Schedule Accelerator Software

Acumen 360 is a powerful engine that generates schedule scenarios in real time, allowing you to hypothesize acceleration opportunities or threats of delay and immediately see the impact.

Acumen 360 is used to run what-if scenarios for optimizing the project schedule. This is particularly useful when schedule recovery or acceleration is required. The scenarios allow the team to understand the impacts of any changes and support the decision-making process.

  • Acumen 360 can generate scenarios in minutes to assist in baseline recovery or project optimization
  • Run “What-If” scenarios as many times as necessary to achieve realistic opportunities
  • Defendable results with data-backed information
  • Customize the acceleration by using one of the built-in scenarios or build your own. Then determine if you want to apply this scenario to an activity, a group of activities (such as a WBS) or the whole project.

Duration Calibration

Acumen 360 Duration Calibration allows you to interactively accelerate or decelerate activities, groups of activities, or the entire project schedule. Select activities that “Require Less Time” than planned or those that require more and immediately see the impact on the project.

Scenario Generation

Acumen 360 lets you create multiple versions of your schedule so you can weigh different options and choose a new scenario or go back to your original plan.

Decision Support

Use the diagnostic capabilities of Acumen Fuse to evaluate the acceleration options or gain further insight into the impact of slips and delays.

Applying all of the steps to a project plan contributes to the most important factor – Team Buy-In of the Plan. Having the team buy in to a realistic project plan is critical to managing the project successfully.