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Schedule Validator

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Schedule Validator - Enterprise Dashboard

Is your construction schedule reliable?

Will your project finish on time?
Can you easily identify issues with your schedule?
Do you have a way to identify risks in the project schedule?
Can you tell at any moment how the project team’s performing?

Get answers to these questions when you validate your P6, MS Project, or Asta Powerproject schedule!

Identify and Manage Risks

with Industry-Leading Schedule Analytics and Reporting

Schedule Validation Score

Upload your P6, MS Project, or Asta Powerproject schedule and see your Schedule Validation Score. Our unique DCMA+ scoring is the industry-leading scoring system for schedule quality and risks.

Schedule Validator is always available (cloud based), easy to use and a very cost effective approach to understanding issues and trends in your project schedule, or across any or all of your schedules in your organization.

Schedule Execution Score

Maintain a Schedule Execution Score from update to update or from baseline to update. Monitor how well your project team is executing their plan and develop mitigation strategies to get back on track.

Critical Path Analysis

Compare two schedules and see critical path progress. Schedule Validator critical path analysis will help identify delays and risks to the project’s critical path.

Compare Schedules

Generate an easy-to-read comparative analysis with enhanced details that can be used directly in your own narrative reports.

Enhanced Dashboards for Immediate Visibility of Project Schedule Issues.

Because we focus on schedule solutions, we understand the unique reporting and complexities you face. That’s why  Schedule Validator Dashboards were developed. Three dashboards allow users to quickly view and report on schedules. From a single schedule to all projects across the Enterprise. Get new Analytical insights for P6, MS Project, and Asta Powerproject.

Project Dashboard

View all of your project schedules at a glance. Easily identify schedule scoring and critical path analysis for baselines and updates. One click “quick” reports or dive deeper with reports and trends across all project schedules.

Diagnostic Dashboard

View all of your schedule anomalies with the Schedule Diagnostics dashboard. Easily identify schedule issues for correction and improve your schedule score. Choose the “quick” narratives or create custom ones.

Enterprise Dashboard

View all of your projects at a glance. Easily identify projects at risk and drill down to view details. See which projects have the best schedule quality and which project teams are executing schedules best.

“I appreciate this tool..And it continuously grows more valuable.”

“I am amazed how easy it is to use and the information it quickly provides.”

“Provides a view into my schedules like no other tool on the market.”

“An easy to understand company wide dashboard showing the benchmarks we determine.”

“Robust software that helps increase schedule quality and identify hidden trends.”

Professional Reports

Enhance your Schedule Validator experience with Professional Reports. Pro reports are an add-on option, free for 30-days – then decide.

Compare Trends, Critical Path, and much more. All Pro Reports included for 30 days!

Milestone comparison

Schedule Comparisons

Generate easy-to-read comparative analyses with enhanced details that can be used directly in your own narrative reports. Easily compare schedule changes, milestone status, critical path analysis, and more.

Schedule trends

Schedule Trends

Use Schedule Validator’s suite of schedule trends reports to further analyze your project schedule to identify schedule issues and risks across multiple update cycles.

Performance narratives

Performance Analytics

Generate narratives and graphs detailing schedule performance. Performance reporting includes execution, planned vs. actual progress, and more.

Enterprise Visibility

Enterprise Visibility

The Enterprise Dashboard summarizes project status across your organization. See which projects are slipping or have Critical Path slippage. Easily discover if a schedule is being manipulated to conceal delays and show on-time completion. Know which project teams are planning and executing best. A great tool for project executives and managers.

Enterprise Features

Project Filters and Sorts

Use Enterprise dashboard icons or column headings to filter and sort. See which teams are the best planners and performers with a click.

Quick and Easy Setup

Review project status via the organizational hierarchy of your users, with unlimited management levels. You’ll know who to contact to quickly resolve problems.

Project list view

Multiple Dashboard Views

See the status of all projects across your organization by your hierarchical list, project tags, or list view. Includes the ability to drill down into any schedule for detailed reviews.

Features and Pricing


Always Free

Includes a 30-Day Trial of all Professional features.


$40/month or $400/year

For individuals on small teams. Save when you pay annually.


Pricing on Team Size

For 10+ users to work and collaborate as a team.

Compare Features

Unlimited Projects and Schedules
Schedule Validation Score and Narrative
CPM Schedule Diagnostics & Narrative
Critical Path Analysis
Execution Performance Scoring
Project Diagnostics Dashboard
Customizable Diagnostic Parameters & Narratives
Native File Repository
Schedule Comparison Report
Start/Finish Comparison Report
Critical Path Analysis Report
Progress Comparison Report
Schedule Execution Report (BEI)
Critical Path Trends Report
Technical Trends Report
Execution Trends Report
Schedule Validation Scoring Trends Report
Milestone Trends Report
Financial Worksheets With Graphs
Contract Worksheets
Custom Report Logos
Custom Enterprise Logos
Executive Dashboard
Enhanced Account Security
Enterprise Performance Metrics
Enterprise Project Time Overviews
Enterprise Project Parameter Library
Team Performance Metrics
Personal Metrics
Schedule Publishing Control
Enterprise Activity Newsfeed
Self-administer Users
Unlimited User Count
Enterprise Data Repository
Advanced Dashboard Filtering
Multiple Management Hierarchies
Enterprise Level Settings Templates
Programattic API Access