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If you need to supplement your construction project team with expert bench strength, consider Petroglyph — we deliver.

Deadlines are a fact of project life – having the right skills to meet them is critical.

Often it doesn’t make sense for our clients to onboard and train a new employee for a project, especially if it is a short-term requirement or a specialized function. A better approach may be to engage the services of a seasoned project controls professional and supporting organization. Let us add our  experience and knowledge to your team.

We would be glad to assist you.

Determining what must be done to ensure your project completes on time and on budget is a process of information gathering, conducting analytics, and providing credible verifiable information to the decision-makers and stakeholders.

To bring objectivity into the assessment, sometimes it is best performed by a third party that can bring the power of perspective to the table.

A fresh set of eyes on the problem provides new data on the project, the experience that comes from decades of project controls work and leading edge knowledge of the tools that can help bring the project back on track, or prevent it from becoming delayed in the first place.

As seasoned project controls professionals, we’ve worked on projects globally of various sizes across multiple industries. We understand how to address the common problems that plague projects today.

We will work with your team to carefully understand the project objectives and the challenges (real or perceived) in meeting them. Defining the next steps and providing recommendations is one aspect of where our team’s expertise can benefit your projects.

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