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Automatic Schedule Submission Software

Deltek Acumen Touchstone fully automates the schedule submission process, adhering to your company’s schedule quality criteria, best practices and standards.

Through Acumen Touchstone, all schedule submissions are automatically analyzed based on your company’s metrics, best practices, and quality standards. Each schedule is saved in your database along with the scoring report and essential information including the current finish date, project percent complete, and cost.

If it does not meet the required standard, the submitter is automatically emailed a report showing the metric score and deficiencies to be corrected. The submitter then has the ability to make the necessary changes and resubmit – as many times as needed.

Touchstone is intended to automate the schedule submittal process, allowing the team to spend their valuable time and resources on managing the project and any issues and reduce the time required for schedule submissions and reporting.

For an overview of how Acumen Touchstone can automate your schedule submission process, watch this video: