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How To Create a Project Phase Document in Just Four Easy Steps

How To Create a Project Phase Document in Just Four Easy Steps

Now, Create A Project Phase Document In Just Four Easy Steps – No AUTOCAD/ Modelling Help Needed

There’s nothing quite so effective as a phase book or phase document for clearly and easily communicating the construction project plan, schedule and work rate, by phases, right on the site plan.

The problem is creating a phase map or phase book is anything but easy.

Typically, phase maps are manually reproduced using data from excel sheets, architectural or engineering drawings, TILOS schedules or GANTT charts.

The problem with this approach is that the phasing document takes a long time to create and is vulnerable to human error.

Now there is now an easier way to create an accurate phase map for your public works or infrastructure construction project.

Introducing Phase Manager, a unique software tool that can create a phase document directly from your existing documentation:

  • TILOS project schedule
  • AutoCad rendering of the completed project
  • Topographical map of the project site
  • P6 project schedule
  • MS Project schedule
  • Excel Sheet
  • PDF / PNG or other drawing file

Petroglyph Project Analytics is pleased to announce it has added Phase Manager to its suite of software tools designed to make planning & executing projects easier and more profitable.

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