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If it only made sandwiches, it would be truly perfect

If you’re not too busy, we think you’d like to see for yourself what we’re really excited about.

(No, it doesn’t make sandwiches or take care of children but if it did – it might just be perfect.)

If you work on any kind of project, whether it’s building malls, stadiums, bridges or tech empires, you have project, *cough*, challenges.

Usually, they hinge around status updates, communication and access to what’s needed to move on to the next phase.

That’s because executing a project means drawing from the genius of so many types of people. Teams with different types of people make projects great, but it can make working together difficult.

Everyone has their favourite way of doing things, from pen and paper, to excel sheet to snapchat.

And the folks in HR care about different things than the site supervisor or the accounting department. So, it’s not that often you find one thing that works for everyone and brings them together –  like sandwiches do.

Imagine if you could use just one tool that could dramatically reduce:

  • Emails
  • Wondering the status of deliverables
  • Searching for documents
  • Security concerns
  • Duplicated effort
  • Training time

Wouldn’t that provide less frustration, waiting, miscommunication and delays

…and more time for lunch, camping or whatever you get up to when you’re not bogged down in processes that don’t work for everyone?

What if that tool could also give you more of what makes your organization great, like more:

  • Won bids due to impressive reporting, transparency, track record and communication
  • Projects completed on time
  • Enjoyable work
  • Collaboration with teammates of all types

Sounds pretty great, doesn’t it? We don’t want to sound like we’re bragging, but really, it is that great.

We invite you to learn about how to leverage ISETIA’s award-winning European technology to save between 4-30% per project through clever team collaboration.

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