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Meet ISETIA, an Exceptional Solution for TILOS Users

Petroglyph projects USA brings ISETIA project management platform to the americas.

TILOS users know that the right software solution can dramatically improve project outcomes. 

Adopted for its ability to show what work has been done where, one page visual reporting and easy clash detection, TILOS’ specialized functionality has raised the linear project performance bar.

Now, the elements that lie outside the linear project schedule can be elevated to the same level of project execution efficiency.

ISETIA is an award winning platform that works with TILOS to improve processes and systemize projects, all by facilitating project collaboration.

ISETIA is a powerful, customizable project collaboration platform that provides each team member with a customized dashboard to interface with all other members and all project data.

This means an unprecedented level of project and process efficiency across the entire organization:

  • All project data is digitized – all in one place and always available – no more wasted time looking for files, requesting permissions or waiting until staff return from time away.
  • Automated change logs provide total transparency to version history – no more wasted time wondering where the source of truth is, or who last made edits.
  • Projects processes can be templated to save ramp up time – ensure maximum efficiency by removing any alternative to company wide compliance

ISETIA takes what’s great about TILOS – that it works the way the project does – and expands out to include all the elements that fall outside the project schedule, but still affect it 

TILOS users will appreciate the all-in-one-place access to additional perspectives on project progress:

  • Procurement management
  • Risk register
  • Progressing tool
  • Change log 
  • Data repository
ISETIA further enhances TILOS reporting and progressing functions

Importing and exporting in and out of excel to further customize reports gets the job done, but isn’t as easy as it could be.

Enhanced S curve and histogram functionality ensures you blow them out of the water come quarterly reporting.

ISETIA makes joint ventures a breeze

Melding two sets of project standards and policies is a non-trivial challenge. Then ensuring these policies are adhered to – uniformly – across all locations and by all team members – is a task often left untouched.

Imagine enhancing project efficiency simply by facilitating the collaboration that happens anyway.

ISETIA’s award winning user interface requires little to no training – which means your entire project team can be on the same page almost immediately.

This means:

  • Adherence to predetermined standards, project policies and procedures – no matter what country, timezone or role your team members are in.
  • One place for all project data – reports, resources, updates, edits and project progress.
  • Enhanced levels of performance across the entire organization.

ISETIA is an award-winning project collaboration and execution tool that helps companies large and small, optimize each aspect of their projects.

Managing team members, data, and project processes is easier, faster and more consistent with ISETIA. Improved project efficiency means better project outcomes.


You’ll see how companies large and small, from all industries, are using ISETIA to:

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