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New Release of Phase Manager v5 Makes Creating Project Phase Documents Even Easier

Effectively communicate construction plans and traffic impacts – even without AutoCAD.

Phase Manager is known as the go-to tool to reduce errors and resources allocated to creating phase documents.

A favourite with project controls professionals tasked with presenting project progress and the impact of different outcomes, Phase Manager eliminates the need for staff to have a special skill set required to manipulate project documents in a drawing tool.

Shown above: Phase Manager easily combines your schedule with a .pdf to create a phase book showing where and when construction will take place.

Phase Manager’s new release, version 5 delivers a faster, more intuitive and more robust Phase Book creation tool.


Updates to the core database structure (away from XML) make Phase Manager noticeably faster than the previous version. It is now possible to work on several thousand tasks in Phase Manager – without slowing down your computer.

More Intuitive:

  • Data organization and filtering is streamlined with an updated planning structure that uses sub-projects, summary tasks and WBS displays. This ultimately makes working on Phase Documents easier, as items are easier to find. 
  • Version 5 carries data one step further in the workflow, which translates into a better user experience. Customizations and deletions previously made on deliverables, now carry over and don’t need to be duplicated. Similarly, data inputted into summary tasks are automatically carried over into phases.
  • What’s also new in this version is the one-step deletion & update of objects which further speeds up working in the software. When copying objects, both the original and the copies now form a set, allowing users to skip a step previously required in version 4.
  • A complete redesign of the calendar management system just works better.

More Robust:

  • While Phase Manager already had robust Gantt update options, this latest version gives users even more flexibility with the ability to add before and after time margins.
  • The new summary task addition offers the choice between displaying the details of works or simply the summary envelope;
  • Impacts now have an additional data layer, giving users the ability to define different types of impacts for example “Forbidden way”, “Slow down”, “Alternating”… and to also to define one color per type of impact.
  • New ability to group connected objects and assign the same activity to several objects at once speeds up the process of adding qualities to objects.
  • Another new functionality is the ability to import a KML on a georeferenced drawing

Forward Thinking:

Phase Manager developers are adaptive to user feedback and this update provided the foundation needed to transition Phase Manager to a cloud-based, online accessible version which will be released in the future.

Phase Manager is an elegant all-in-one solution that creates compelling, accurate and impressive Phase Documents, easily.


See for yourself how Phase Manager can simplify and expedite the creation of Phase Documents for your organization. Request an online demo of Phase Manager v5.

See for yourself how Phase Manager can simplify and expedite the creation of Phase Documents for your organization.

Request your online demo of Phase Manager 

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