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Petroglyph now offers Deltek Acumen – A perfect addition to our portfolio of PM solutions!

Petroglyph now offers Deltek Acumen – A perfect addition to our portfolio of PM solutions!

At Petroglyph, we believe in the benefits that world class project management solutions bring to a project organization. That’s why we are excited to announce that we are now a Deltek Partner for their Acumen Fuse/Risk/360 and Acumen Touchstone products from their Project and Portfolio Management suite of tools. The team at Petroglyph has decades of project experience and we have been using the Deltek Acumen products on a variety of projects since 2010. We believe that a great schedule model and identification and management of risks are key to achieving project timelines.

Our industry experience in project controls, coupled with schedule analysis and risk workshops enable us to help our clients drive towards a successful project.

A good plan does make for a great project. Having a robust project schedule where the risks and uncertainties are clearly understood, and the schedule optimization options are well-defined helps the project team effectively manage and execute their project.

The Acumen S1//S5 framework is designed to provide a structured and repeatable approach to developing sound and realistic project plans.

To see an overview of how Deltek Acumen can help your project, please check out this video. More than 30,000 customers use Deltek solutions to help ensure project success.

Let us know if you are interested and would like a demo of Acumen and what it can do to help your project be successful! Here are some of the companies that use Deltek Acumen to successfully manage schedule quality and risk:

See for yourself how Deltek Acumen can help you deliver successful projects.

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