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Petroglyph Projects USA & FND Meet For ISETIA Software Strategy Sessions, Calgary, AB.

ISETIA Software Strategy Sessions, Calgary, AB.

What’s known as ISETIA software is the astonishingly powerful project management platform developed by FND and distributed by Petroglyph Projects USA.

This summer, the Petroglyph team joined FND developers in Calgary Alberta for two days of strategy and collaboration.

The first item on the agenda was advanced-level ISETIA software training. What followed was a thorough exploration and experimentation of the robust features and capabilities of ISETIA. Secondarily, the teams developed a collaborative strategy to guide the product rollout across the Americas. Both parties were pleased with the outcome of the sessions:

“ISETIA is one of the most innovative products we’ve seen in this space.”  Lorne Duncan, the founder of Petroglyph Projects USA said, “We’re very excited to show our clients what it can do.”

Already in widespread use across Europe and Asia, the market’s response to ISETIA software has been overwhelmingly positive. Users declare it to be as “easy as Facebook” and FinancesOnline have presented it with multiple awards.

ISETIA dramatically improves efficiency for organizations responsible for improving project outcomes.

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