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The Oracle Primavera P6 Price Increase is Gouging Customers

The Oracle Primavera P6 Price Increase is Gouging Customers

Primavera P6 pricing just became more costly for their users

At the beginning of Q3, 2021, the Primavera P6 Cloud licence price increased by a dramatic 100%. Further P6 price modifications were made to PPM and EPPM licences, at a still significant 30% increase for both.

If you’re not enterprise, you don’t belong is their message.

P6 has been considered by many to be the gold standard project planning software for years. However, given this latest price adjustment, it seems Oracle is catering exclusively to enterprise-level users – companies that want to purchase 25+ licenses.

The higher Primavera P6 Price in 2021 has disaffected many mid-size and small construction organizations that can’t justify paying double what they did last year and are left with no choice but to search for alternatives.

For industries where creating entire projects from scratch in excel is still widely used, P6 provided welcomed functionality such as BIM, import-export to excel, learning curve and creating library functions above what MS Project can offer.

P6 isn’t the only software that satisfies these needs important construction planning software needs.

An alternative to accepting the Primavera P6 software price increase of 2021

At first, the obvious alternatives to P6 seem to be either continuing to use Excel or settling for MS Project. However, there is a tailor-made construction planning software many users have switched to, in the wake of the P6 price increase of 2021.

For those who don’t want to settle for Excel or MS Project and are instead searching for reliable and robust planning and project management software designed for mid to small size construction companies…look no further.

With intuitive scheduling, 4D BIM integration, a mobile app, and resource management features, Powerproject by ASTA, provides the same features that made P6 so popular – but at a fraction of the price. A single user license of Powerproject is about half the cost of a P6 Primavera license.

Instead of a sole focus on large enterprises, Powerproject is actually used on projects of all sizes and has adapted over the years with input from their customers.

The result is a construction project software that produces the same or better outcomes as P6 with superior reporting

Why pay the primavera P6 project planner price increase of 2021?

One of the reasons Oracle P6 software is trusted is because of its large user base and the established and well funded nature of their developer. Two critical elements to look for when adopting a software that will affect the entire business.

That’s why business owners and project planners and schedulers alike are pleased to learn that Powerproject is a huge hit in the UK, with the majority of the top construction firms having adopted Powerproject instead of P6. The developer, far from being new to the scene, has actually been working on Powerproject software since the 1990’s and has hundreds of thousands of users across the US, Canada, UK and globally.

In addition to being reliable and cost effective, Powerproject is actually easy to use. According to verified software reviews from Capterra, Powerproject requires substantially less effort to adopt than P6, or even MS Project.

We use PowerProject for all our delivery programs and resource schedules. They are widely used across contracting within the construction industry, which allows us to interface extremely well with our clients programming. The most useful feature that I use within this product is the logic linking and re-scheduling tools. It provides instant impact assessments from a delivery point of view.”
John W.
Contracts Manager

As any project lead knows, a reduced learning curve means far less time and money spent on training. Powerproject software is a lot more affordable than the cost of Primavera P6, and it takes less time to implement.

In these times of increased lumber and supply costs and reduced margins spurred by changing global dynamics, base cost increases are the last thing small and mid-sized construction companies need.

So, instead of accepting Oracle Primavera P6 100 or even 30% price increase, why not explore the widely used alternative?

Shown below is a comparison between P6 licensing cost and Powerproject licensing cost.

Primavera P6 Professional Project Management   $3,200 USD*

PowerProject Single User License $1,575  USD*

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* Prices based at time of writing in 2021

Want to learn more about Powerproject as an alternative to the 2021 P6 Price Increase? Learn more about PowerProject

Read reviews about Powerproject on Capterra

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