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TILOS Americas Site Launch

TILOS Americas Site Launch

The world of linear scheduling software gets a fresh new take on linear project management with the launch of TILOSamericas.com

As a linear infrastructure scheduling manager or construction manager researching the best way to plan, execute and control a linear construction project, you may find yourself browsing a lot of highly technical and dry software websites.

With no discernable difference between the options available for linear project management software, many planners simply give up and continue using what they’ve always used.

That’s all about to change with the launch of TILOSamericas.com.

The website explains, in layman’s terms and using vivid graphics featuring compelling wild and domestic members of the animal kingdom, exactly how to effectively plan, execute and control linear construction projects so they stay closer to the baseline.

TILOSamericas.com offers linear project management support for planning & scheduling managers on linear projects.

TILOS Americas.com offers detailed information on various linear project management methodologies; comparing them for effectiveness and offering up to date industry information in the Project Management Blog which also features best practices for linear projects.

Learn about the Time Distance Diagram (used by Napoleon) and compare it to the use of CPM Schedules created with CAD, Excel or tools like MS Project or Primavera.

TILOS Americas.com even provides side-by-side, pro and con comparisons of today’s most popular linear scheduling software options.

Industry events and training sessions that help professionals maintain their designations are also kept up to date, making TILOSamericas.com an impressive resource for those in the linear infrastructure construction industry.

An initiative of Petroglyph Project Analytics, the TILOS Software Authorized Distributor for North, Central and South America, the newly launched website serves the entirety of the Americas – from Canada to Chile – and is available in both English and Spanish.

TILOS linear scheduling software licenses and add-ons are also available for purchase or renewal.

TilosAmericas.com stands for TIme, LOcation System and is the name of the world’s most popular linear scheduling software tool.

“Linear construction projects like roads, pipelines, tunnels and bridges have their own distinct complexities & variables that can make project planning and execution more challenging than with non-linear projects” says Lorne Duncan, President & Founder of Petroglyph Project Analytics, a Victoria BC Engineering Support Firm, and owner of TILOSAmericas.com

“Our goal is to make linear project planning, execution and control easier and more profitable for engineers, scheduling and construction managers as well as project owner companies – TILOSAmericas.com goes a long way to achieving that goal”

“In fact, we believe this is one of the most comprehensive contributions to the linear project management industry in terms of an accessible resource, that has been seen in years.” Lorne Duncan, President & Founder of Petroglyph Project Analytics says. “We’re very proud of what we’ve accomplished.”