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Why Construction Pros are Switching From MS Project to Powerproject Construction Project Planning Software

If you’re currently using, or thinking about using MS Project as your construction project planning software, you may want to know why over one hundred thousand construction professionals are choosing Powerproject by ASTA instead.

MS Project has enjoyed widespread adoption among project planners in many different industries. From planning software development projects to corporate change management projects; it’s even been used for planning large events!

MS Project has a breadth of functionality designed to appeal to the broadest possible audience. However, it simply lacks the depth and types of specialized functionality that construction professionals need to manage large construction projects efficiently and accurately..

Let’s face it. There’s a huge difference in the approach to planning a party compared to say, a large commercial condominium high rise. And dare we say, a lot more at stake.

Construction Project Planning Software: MS vs Powerproject:

Ease of use:

When you’re scheduling, planning and managing a large construction project; time is of the essence. You don’t need to spend hours learning a complex software system only to find it doesn’t have half the functionality you need, or that you need to contort yourself in order to bend to an illogical and inconvenient user interface.

Microsoft isn’t exactly renowned for its dedication to usability or intuitive interfaces. In fact, it’s reputation is for the opposite. A clunky, outdated and counterintuitive set up means learning to use MS Project will take longer, and be more frustrating than getting set up with Powerproject.

And once you’re set up, you’ll find it doesn’t really save you the time you’d hoped, because it’s designed for project management in general; not complex construction projects.

Why is Powerproject easier to use than MS Project?

Powerproject is built specifically for construction project planning, so thoughtful details and functionality designed to save time and provide an intuitive way to manage projects are built right in.

Think, one click filters for managing subcontractors. Now that’s smart construction project management.

Based on the familiarity of the GANTT chart, Powerproject by ASTA offers a drag and drop functionality which can save hours during both project set up and the day to day updates and modifications to the schedule.

Construction Project Planning Software: MS vs Powerproject:

Data Compatibility:

When you’re scheduling, planning and managing a large construction project you need to be able to import and export, save and print files in many different formats and collaborate with multiple tools. Compatibility with the systems your stakeholders and vendors use is imperative.

Many MS project users are stuck using MS Project simply because it’s what their clients and vendors use. They think they can’t switch because of compatibility issues.

But Powerproject by ASTA is compatible with the tools you use. Whether you need to work with Primavera, MS Project or SAP, you can synchronize data from Powerproject painlessly.

And, Powerproject by ASTA offers a free viewer, so anyone can view your project files.

These are the kinds of thoughtful details Powerproject is known for. And we’re just getting started on the reasons why it’s a dramatic improvement to MS Project.

Construction Project Planning Software: MS vs Powerproject:


MS Project licenses are similar to the software itself; clunky, rigid and non ideal.  Powerproject offers licensing options that allow shared access – a smart way to get everyone access without overpaying.

The result? A common sense, affordable and flexible approach which truly supports the success of both the project and the business.

Construction Project Planning Software: MS vs Powerproject:


The last thing you want to do is invest in a planning solution, only to need to switch a year or two later because it hasn’t innovated with the market.

MS Project has been conceptually and functionally the same for years, whereas Powerproject adapts constantly to what it’s users ask for and market conditions, like the now-mandatory BIM requirements in place in so many Western Countries.

Powerproject offers BIM and mobile device addons, so you can ensure your compliance and compatibility now and in the future.

Construction Project Planning Software: MS vs Powerproject:

A business solution:

MS Project will help you manage projects, sure. But Powerproject helps your business. It’s designed to help you:

  1. Manage your margins & keep costs low with resource, costing and schedule management.

  2. Proactively troubleshoot: get real-time reports on project progress enabling you to mitigate challenges before they derail your schedule.

  3. Get more bids; with professional presentations and easy to print schedules.

Construction Project Planning Software: MS vs Powerproject:

Used by 100,000 construction professionals:

Construction professionals choose powerproject because it easily and affordably helps them manage construction projects. It provides real business support because it’s easy to use, has intuitive, construction specific functionality, flexible licensing options, is future prepared and proof with BIM and other addons.

Learn about the difference powerproject can make for your business. Contact us for a free trial of Powerproject, the software used by over 100,000 construction project professionals.