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Why Pipeline Companies Across The US and Canada Rely On Petroglyph Projects To Support Their Project Schedules

Why Pipeline Companies Across The US and Canada Rely On Petroglyph Projects To Support Their Project Schedules

Two of the globe’s leading pipeline organizations required fresh eyes, reliable expertise and accelerated output of project schedules for their pipeline projects, located in the US and Canada.

Although in the same industry, each organization had a distinct set of needs with differing budgetary limitations, project timelines and resource gaps that needed to be addressed.

The team at Petroglyph Projects is well known for their proven expertise in driving improved project outcomes for their clients by deploying flexible, rapid and effective scheduling support solutions.

In particular, the team’s depth of experience working on pipeline projects is attractive to infrastructure organizations working on complex project schedules and bids.

The team at Petroglyph assessed the company’s requirements and tailored customized solutions to drive improved outcomes in each instance.

This Spring, 5 highly trained team members were dispatched to provide both scheduling and estimating support and project controls and support services for a total of five different pipeline projects in North America.

While the level of support and service is robust, Petroglyph offers its clients various options to suit an array of budgets and schedules, including providing remote work arrangements that eliminate travel expenses.

Currently, Lorne Duncan, the founder & CEO of Petroglyph Projects is providing remote TILOS Scheduling for four different pipeline projects of interest to one organization.

The scope of work includes creating bid schedules in TILOS to provide, accurate, transparent and reliable data on the resources and timing required for project success.

TILOS linear scheduling software is considered by global leaders in infrastructure to be the premiere linear project scheduling software solution. Because the team at Petroglyph Projects consists of multiple TRIMBLE Certified TILOS Trainers, they are specially qualified to provide support in this capacity.

In contrast, the second organization, a pipeline owner company, required both a broad and in-depth level of support, training and resources for their major pipeline project.

As such, Senior Consultant Daniel Cadena supported a remote team of 7 by providing project controls and support services, software training and schedule support.

Petroglyph Projects provides complete end-to-end project support for private and public project infrastructure implementation organizations that seek to improve their project outcomes.