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Will you join us for training on how to adapt to the “new normal” at work?

Even successful companies are experiencing challenges adapting to the “new normal” at work.

  • Teams are decentralized, working from home (often while providing full-time child care.)
  • Employees, management and leaders may be struggling to complete tasks effectively
  • The enterprise-level software currently in place may not be equipped to support remote workers. 

These working conditions risk delivery of project outcomes.

Join us June 30th at 10am Pacific and learn: how project collaboration tools dramatically improve efficiency – and support teams – even while they work from home.

Attendees will learn:

  1. How cloud-based document storage improves both security and access
  2. How transparent workflow reduces emails and speeds up projects
  3. How consistent processes plug profit leaks

In this 60 minute demonstration, Senior engineer Daniel Cadena will demonstrate how firms use ISETIA project collaboration tool to:

  • Better communicate
  • Decrease costs
  • Finish projects faster
  • Improve stakeholder satisfaction
  • Get more bids

Attendees will walk away with an improved understanding of how project collaboration tools can dramatically improve project outcomes and options for learning more about ISETIA project collaboration tool.
ISETIA has helped organizations large and small save between 4-30% of their project costs.

Can’t make it? Enter in your details and you’ll get a copy of the recording.