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Construction Companies Are Increasing Profitability With Powerproject

How Savvy Canadian Construction Companies Are Increasing Profitability In 2019.

In an economy booming with significant government investment in Canadian infrastructure, small and medium-sized construction companies will be busier than ever.

However, busy and profitable are not the same thing.

The opportunity to boost margins and significantly grow the business is real, but that hinges on the repeatable and successful execution of complex project budgets and deadlines.

Increased success lies in optimizing project plans

The importance of the accuracy and reliability of the project plan cannot be overstated.

With an accurate plan and effective construction project management, the team can optimize resources, solve clashes and delays before they occur on the ground, and accurately plot the critical path to project success. These practices can translate into enormous cost savings and increased profits, but the success of the project also hinges on a reliable plan.

For small and medium-sized companies who may not have full-time planning staff, creating, updating and editing the project plan may fall to the project manager or foreman. At times other team members who may not have a formal scheduling background may contribute.

It’s common in the case of smaller companies especially to use inexpensive and readily available tools such as Excel, MS Project, or other project management tools to create the construction project schedule. Still, other companies use hand-drawn march or Gantt charts.

No matter what tool is being used to create the construction project plan, the time allocated to creating and editing the project plan is a non-trivial use of resources and is another element to factor into project costs.

Using the right tool to plan construction projects dramatically improves performance

To improve margins, reduce costs and planning time more Canadian construction companies are discovering a tool that construction leaders in the US and UK have known about for decades.

Introducing Powerproject: A Simply Better Scheduling Tool

Powerproject construction planning tool is the preferred choice of small, medium and enterprise level construction companies.

With over 100,000 users worldwide, Powerproject construction planning tool takes a different approach.

Powerproject construction planning tool really supports & optimizes the way you already work:

Instead of making inaccurate assumptions about how construction planners work, Powerproject’s planning tool for construction projects has been developed based on the workflow, ideas, logic and input from real construction planners.

The result:

  1. Easy To Use: Intuitive Draw, Drag & Drop interface
  2. One Click Management: Filters for managing subcontractors and one click to produce an accurate Critical Path Analysis.
  3. Real Time Progress Reports: Via On-Site Mobile Updates
  4. Truly Affordable: Concurrent licensing options
  5. Precision: Robust Resource, Cost and Revenue Features
  6. Peace of Mind: Get a more accurate schedule with superior linking and viewing of task relationships as well as unlimited undo / redo
  7. Protection: Show earned value and reduce or eliminate liabilities from project delays

Simply put, Powerproject construction planning tool takes the headaches out of planning and reporting on complex projects.

The decades of collaboration with construction professionals is immediately obvious within minutes of using Powerproject.

Valuable for both scheduling pros and those who aren’t particularly tech savvy, confident with or familiar with classic planning methods.

Templates, unlimited undo capability and a truly easy to use interface does reduce the learning curve, intimidation factor and time spent project planning, for all team members.

And once the project is underway, accurate and reliable progress data is available at the click of a button.

Of course, the schedule can be seamlessly exported to XER and any number of file formats that are required by project owners or other parties.

Imagine, if each project that began this year reports even modest 10% decrease in scheduling and budget overages and a 10% reduction in planning time?

What could those types of improvements mean for the reputation, opportunities and bottom line of the construction company you work with?

We suggest the impacts could be tremendous this year, and all the years that follow.

We invite you to find out what over 100,000 construction pros already know.

Try Powerproject Construction Planning Tool, on us. Click here to request your trial license and personalized demo.

Or learn more by watching this video – Reasons why savvy planners choose Powerproject:

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