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Latest Tilos Linear Scheduling Software update provides an even more compelling solution for project planners.

Latest Tilos Linear Scheduling Software update provides an even more compelling solution for project planners.

Tilos 11 offers key upgrades to accessibility, functionality and pricing.

As software updates go, this is one of the most exciting Tilos releases we’ve seen. 

Instead of the usual bug fixes and feature enhancements, Tilos 11 has been overhauled to provide more flexibility and utility for its users. 

The result is a notably improved solution that better meets the needs of today’s planners, project managers, scheduling managers, project owners and stakeholders alike.

A key difference is what’s now included in the standard price of Tilos 11.

Prior to this update, all the interface modules (think P6, MS Project, Powerproject, MS Excel) were only available at additional cost. Now, they’re included. 

This change will be a welcome one to those working at smaller companies, for whom the licensing fees for these add-ons may have been out of reach.

For users in fast-growing organizations with their sights set on multinational status, Tilos 11 is incredibly positioned to grow with your organization. 

Further integrations with Tilos CEC Digital Connected Construction Solution means the use of Quantm, Trimble Business Center and Quadri are also included in the base Tilos price. 

This means as companies grow and require better integration between onsite and offsite data, they will benefit from the improved accessibility to project design data. Now, it’s stored via one common data environment and accessible for all team members, whether it’s needed on-site or in the boardroom.

Shown above, the Tilos CEC Digital Connected Construction Solution 

Quadri – The core of Trimble’s Digital Construction is Quadri. Quadri & Trimble Connect provides a coherent common data environment platform for infrastructure that is available to all users. Quadri brings together a historically fragmented industry with supported workflows. Data input can be from other Trimble software or other industry-standard design tools such as Civil3D, OpenRoads, Revit and others. 

Quantm – Provides preliminary cost, exclusion zones, sound impact analysis and integration with GIS systems to enable the designer to validate alternative corridors, quickly identify viable route concepts with detailed information. Once an optimal route has been identified, this alignment data can be sent to Tilos to create a preliminary plan.

Tilos 11 offers a new licencing model 

The other great news about Tilos 11 is that a new licensing model is now available for new customers.

Along with Tilos 11 comes term, or subscription licensing.

Great for those who have found Tilos linear scheduling software a bit out of their price range, this new pricing structure greatly reduces the entry point into the software. 

And for those who don’t need Tilos year-round, and would prefer to license it only while on project, Tilos Software can now be purchased to support the project timeline and not carried while it is not required. 

For new users, these pricing changes can mean cost savings, especially compared to the pricing structure for Tilos 10. 

Tilos Version 11:

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