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En este Webinar podrás encontrar el uso de TILOS como herramienta de planificación y control de proyectos de infraestructura, mostrando una de sus principales funcionalidades para la actualización de avances.


If you’re not too busy, we think you’d like to see for yourself what we’re really excited about.

(No, it doesn’t make sandwiches or take care of children but if it did – it might just be perfect.)

If you work on any kind of project, whether it’s building malls, stadiums, bridges or tech empires, you have project, *cough*, challenges.

Usually, they hinge around status updates, communication and access to what’s needed to move on to the next phase.

That’s because executing a project means drawing from the genius of so many types of people. Teams with different types of people make projects great, but it can make working together difficult.

Everyone has their favourite way of doing things, from pen and paper, to excel sheet to snapchat.

And the folks in HR care about different things than the site supervisor or the accounting department. So, it’s not that often you find one thing that works for everyone and brings them together –  like sandwiches do.

Imagine if you could use just one tool that could dramatically reduce:

  • Emails
  • Wondering the status of deliverables
  • Searching for documents
  • Security concerns
  • Duplicated effort
  • Training time

Wouldn’t that provide less frustration, waiting, miscommunication and delays

…and more time for lunch, camping or whatever you get up to when you’re not bogged down in processes that don’t work for everyone?

What if that tool could also give you more of what makes your organization great, like more:

  • Won bids due to impressive reporting, transparency, track record and communication
  • Projects completed on time
  • Enjoyable work
  • Collaboration with teammates of all types

Sounds pretty great, doesn’t it? We don’t want to sound like we’re bragging, but really, it is that great.

We invite you to learn about how to leverage ISETIA’s award-winning European technology to save between 4-30% per project through clever team collaboration.

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Executing large and complex projects effectively has never been easy. Now, organizations with a reputation for excellence are being further challenged to deliver. Shelter-at-home and work from home requirements have highlighted operational norms that are common with well-established firms, yet are hampering workflow in the “new normal”.

The appearance of these five signs may indicate your organization needs a Project Collaboration Tool:

No source of truth:

Searching for the most up to date version of a document is frustrating and an unnecessary way to allocate resources. However, when teams are working from home and saving files direct to their hard-drives, this situation cannot be helped.

Without a project collaboration tool, best case, it takes longer than it should to identify the most recent document version. Worst case, multiple parties contributing means that changes are overwritten or versions conflict with each other.

Accessibility issues:

Project files need to both be adequately secured while also be available to appropriate access levels. Achieving both without a specialized, organization-wide tool can be almost impossible.

Without a project collaboration tool, best case, it takes longer than it should to get access to the files you need. Worst case, files are lost when specific devices fail, or aren’t properly secured.

Informal Processes:

Each team member has their own way of working. Without centralized, face to face leadership, processes can suffer.

There’s the quickest and most effective way to achieve desired project outcomes, but if it’s not documented and implemented using a project collaboration tool, organizations can leave themselves open to operational excellence vulnerabilities.

Best case scenario, outcomes are inconsistent and new team members take longer to ramp up. Worst cases scenario, junior team members miss critical steps in delivery.

Duplicated efforts:

Without real-time project updates and transparent roles and responsibilities, siloed team members may end up executing the same tasks, unbeknownst to each other.

Best case, this is an ineffective use of resources. Worst case, optics in front of stakeholders are compromised.

Project bottlenecks

Supervisors and organizational leaders are responsible for so much and are pulled in multiple directions every day. At times, projects become bottlenecked, waiting in an inbox unnecessarily. Team members may be delayed without access to status updates appropriate to their responsibilities.

Best case, projects take longer than they need to. Worst case, critical initiatives stagnate and fail to be completed.

Organizations that have been required to rapidly and substantially modify their daily operations are learning, some more painfully than others, that they are challenged to continue to operate as effectively.

Often on multiple time zones, locations and schedules, made more difficult by school closures and mental health concerns, employees need all the support they can get to collaborate effectively.

Decentralized Teams Collaborate For Project Success with ISETIA – the award-winning Project Collaboration tool firms are deploying to save between 4-30% of project costs. ISETIA has helped organizations large and small save between 4-30% of their project costs.

Why does DCB use ISETIA Project Collaboration and Execution Software?

DCB is a leading design-build firm in Qatar responsible for such high profile projects as stadiums and shopping malls. DCB has been operating for three decades in and around Qatar, partnering with international clients from all over the world to serve a variety of markets.

DCB has completed projects in the following markets: sports, hospitality, healthcare, culture, commercial, corporate, retail, mixed-use, residential, industrial, and religious.

DCB has designed:

  • Stadiums
  • Sports Complex’
  • Shopping Malls
  • Colleges
  • Hotels

ISETIA’S Project collaboration & execution software provides a common data environment

ISETIA provides DCB with a shared view of all activities, dependencies, deadlines and inquiries.

DCB provides end-to-end design services that require expertise in multiple disciplines such as architecture, landscaping, master-planning, structural, electrical and mechanical engineering.  The projects DCB designs require advanced planning and control.  DCB needed a solution that would help team members communicate, report and work more efficiently in an environment where working on multiple projects, with tens of thousands of pages of documents, per project is the norm.

ISETIA’s common data environment facilitates increased collaboration between architecture,  civil engineering and construction,  by providing one place to access, collect, disseminate and analyze both numerical data and graphical models. Using the ISETIA BIM viewer, Common Data Environment and Analytical functions, viewing, marking up and accessing real-time updates on pre-construction visualization, task status and the most up to date project documents is easy.

Staff can sort and view tasks and documents by approval status; from approved to rejected, to approved with comments.

ISETIA enabled DCB to reduce the time and effort required to check, version and reissue information. ISETIA also provides DCB with enhanced abilities to coordinate and correct the clashes that often occur as designs are iterated.

“We needed to operate the design and preconstruction phase by using a Common Data Environment to create a shared view of all activities, dependencies, deadlines and inquires. This would eliminate data silos, streamline review cycles and extract real-time data for design coordination and review, quantity take-off and markups”

Sara Sharaf, Design Manager, DCB

DCB saves 30% of the total cost of a project by using ISETIA

DCB presently submits over 5,000 document deliverables which consist of over 10 million-plus pages.

By implementing the Common Data Environment provided by ISETIA, DCB has found a substantial decrease in costs associated with hard copies of documents, admin costs, reviews as well as rework on the construction side.

DCB has been able to reduce unnecessary and duplicated efforts. DCB has also reduced its material waste by 8%.

“The biggest benefit we have seen with ISETIA is that a lot less rework is required onsite, while the paperless aspect of our new workflow has shown massive savings. The company has seen an impressive saving of around 30% of the total cost of a project”

Kiran Kumar, Document Controlling Manager, DCB

Nos complace anunciar la nueva versión de TILOS 10.3 MR1. En esta versión se han resuelto algunos errores conocidos en el software, así como también se ha mejorado el funcionamiento del programa.

Algunas de estas importantes mejoras se incluyen en:

  • Tareas y planificación
  • Integración BIM con Trimble Connect
  • Movimiento de Tierras

Descargue la nueva versión de TILOS 10.3 MR1. Conozca más acerca de esta nueva versión 10.3 MR1, visite el Website de Trimble TILOS.

Si tiene alguna sugerencia o solicitud para alguna mejora en el software, visite el Website para la comunidad de usuarios de TILOS y envíe su propuesta desde ahí.

Solicite una presentación una licencia de prueba de TILOS


TILOS Linear Software users will be pleased. TRIMBLE released version of TILOS 10.3 May 8th 2020. This latest version both addresses known bugs and provides enhancements to core functionality.

Highlights of the latest release include new features & enhancements for:

  • Tasks and Scheduling
  • BIM Integration with Trimble Connect
  • Mass Haulage

In addition, the new release fixes bugs and addresses known issues.

Current TILOS licence holders can download TILOS v 10.3  now. Learn more about version 10.3 of TILOS visit the TRIMBLE TILOS website.

Submit feature requests or vote on current enhancements, visit the community portal.

Interested in Tilos Software for Linear Project Scheduling?

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